Caffè Amazzonico: the Peruvian Amazon and Rome have never been so close

Caffè Amazzonico: the Peruvian Amazon and Rome have never been so close

by Fabio Martinez 

Amazzonico is a specialty coffee born from the synergy between a Roman microtorrection, Picapau, and The Seven Elements to help Peruvian growers.

Km 0 and sustainability have become almost synonymous by now. But are we sure that they are two concepts so similar that they are interchangeable?the concept of sustainability can also be applied to specialty coffee In reality, one of the phenomena in the world of food and wine that is most respectful of the environment and local economies is, at the same time, also one of the farthest from the concept of 0 km. Indeed, it is a reality with many zero kms: that of specialty coffee . A reality that is not just a market but a real revolution, an earthquake that has been changing our conception of coffee for some time, both as an approach and as an organoleptic perception: in short, it is a bit as if we had drunk until now. always bulk wine of dubious origin and we realized that there are vines, many vines, and cellars that really know how to make wine.

The specialty coffee, in addition to adhering to the highest quality standards, makes social and environmental responsibility its main philosophy: the roaster buys directly from individual producers , small farms that grow their coffee with non-intensive agriculture , respecting its seasonality. , and that they can finally have the economic dignity they deserve.

Rome-Peru, round trip: Picapau

Recently a project was born which, not caring about the kilometers of distance between Peru and central Italy, even before the production of a product, focuses on environmental sustainability, specifically in the conservation and regeneration of the Amazon forest and its biodiversity. . The protagonists are Picapau – micro roasting company born in Rome in 2019 and which aims with its specialties to make coffee a fully responsible product, attentive to the human factor as well as to the environmental one – and The Seven Elements(part of the Peruvian NGO 7Elements Peru), producer of raw coffee and first in the sector to apply permaculture. It is an agriculture that knows how to design soils capable of reproducing the environmental interaction patterns naturally present in a given territory. 

Amazonian, beyond organic and beyond coffee

In a program of direct collaboration between roaster and producer, Picapau and The Seven Elements have given life to Amazzonico : a 100% Arabica coffee, grown at 1900 meters above sea level and in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon .fewer intermediaries, better conditions for farmers But the real purpose of the synergy born between Picapau and The Seven Elements is not only to develop a specialty coffee, it is above all to make coffee a supply chain with fewer and fewer intermediaries , so as to be able to improve the living conditions of farmers (in this case belonging to the Yanesha community, an ethnic group inhabiting the Peruvian Amazon rainforest), therefore, to encourage the development and support of local economies and environmental regeneration. In short, through the purchase by The Seven Elements of land to be transformed into protected areas, sustainability for the Amazon means the reforestation of what appears to be the lung of our planet.

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