Bruno Barbieri signs a special menu at Daruma

Bruno Barbieri signs a special menu at Daruma

Bruno Barbieri signs 8 new dishes for Daruma Sushi, restaurants in the Capital, the dishes change from season to season: here is the Japanese-Italian cuisine.

Put a top chef like Bruno Barbieri and join him with a group of Italian restaurateurs who have chosen to focus on Japanese cuisine for 15 years. You get that at Daruma Sushi , in Rome , starting from May 22nd you will be able to taste the specialties of the home chef at Masterchef. 2 dishes for each season, proposals designed ad hoc to expand the menu, contaminating Japanese cuisine with a completely local touch. On the other hand, Japanese cuisine lends itself to welcoming, innovating and infecting even very different and distant culinary traditions (see Nikkei cuisine ).8 dishes for a menu halfway between Italy and JapanIs the time ripe for a Japanese-Italian restaurant? To hear the brothers Tesciuba definitely yes. And this is how this collaboration was born. The chef has created dishes aimed at enhancing both the Italian raw material and the Japanese cooking techniques, using the precision of Japanese cuisine with the typical Italic flair. It is forbidden to make comparisons with previous ones that have done (bad) school. Despite being a chain, Daruma Sushi aims to maintain craftsmanship and a precise choice of ingredients in its 8 stores.


Born 15 years ago, when people started talking about Japanese cuisine in Italy and curiosity began to spread, Daruma is linked to the concept of formal cleanliness that is typical of Japanese cuisine. Gunkan, nigiri, roll, temaki, but also miso soup and sashimi to be consumed in refined restaurants in exclusive locations or comfortably at home with the take away service. And what is the next step for a company that grows and keeps its customers loyal?


Bonding with a great chef to continue to amaze your customers season after season. And to design a menu that was as authentic and inviting as possible, Italian and Japanese at the same time, chef Barbieri had to make a real journey to the other end of the world. It was Alessio, Dennis and Daniele Tesciuba who brought him to Japan. The aim was to grasp the variety of flavors, immerse yourself in the millenary culture, taste as much as possible in markets and restaurants, trattorias and small artisans. To come up with a completely unconventional proposal in which we usually enclose the sushi restaurant.

For spring it will be possible to taste Magro all’elixir di pizza and Ramen di quadrucci with shells and Mediterranean scents . The first is a beef pie with salmon eggs, the second an Italian reinterpretation of the noodles soup which will see the latter replaced by egg pasta accompanied by clams, shrimp meatballs and kombucha broth. L ‘ Summer is the season of marinated salmon with samphire Beaten with a southern flavor and the’ salad dust seafood spaghetti, lobster and crispy vegetables with oil algae : meaty shellfish with all the flavor of the stain.


Crispy scallops with puffed rice, caramelized saba with lemon and ginger and crispy sole curls with vegetables, caper oil and tomato will welcome autumn . To close the year, with the winter  comes the red soup of white fish, sea algae, harissa flavor (seaweed and fish in layers, passatelli, kombu and kombucha seaweed broth, scrambled egg, dried tomatoes, oyster leaf) and the Cartoccio , a casing that contains a tuna belly with toasted sesame, seasonal vegetables to be enjoyed with abundant teriyaki sauce.

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