Bruno Barbieri, inaugurates his Academy in 2019

Bruno Barbieri, inaugurates his Academy in 2019

During Learning360, starred chef Bruno Barbieri presented his Academy: 20 lessons conceived with Mosaicoelearning and Realize Networks.

On the occasion of Learning360 , the leading training event in Italy, MosaicoLearning, in synergy with chef  Bruno Barbieri  (7 career Michelin stars), presented its Academy as a national preview , which will see the light in 2019 . The starred chef, together with MosaicoLearning and Realize Networks, has in fact developed his academy, aimed at a rather varied audience. It will consist of 20 lessons and will embrace different contents, intended for professionals and enthusiasts, but also to expert restaurateurs who want to improve themselves and even to those who, for one evening, want to try their hand at the stove to amaze friends and family for a special occasion.


Compared to the television format, the approach of this project desired by the well-known judge of MasterChef Italia will be different, with a much more rooted emotional involvement of the students. “ Through the Academy – explains the chef – not only those who follow the video lessons will replicate the execution, but will also be able to capture the intent and soul of the chef, the author of the recipe. In my opinion, this is the extra step compared to a television program, a film, a reading of a recipe in the newspaper or a book. Not only technical passages, for the execution, but also reception of the emotional ones, of the state of mind “.


” An unprecedented project in Italy – commented Maurilia Battaglia, CEO of Mosaicoelearning – which sets itself the ambitious goal of being a school open to all, of letting the chef’s soul shine through and leaving an imperishable mark, a desire expressed by the Barbieri himself. We are sure that this great project will win everyone’s hearts (and kitchens) “.

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