British food | UK food | British meals

British food | UK food | British meals

Introduction to British food

British People are the most developed and traditional British food is also like British people mean developed. In this article, we will discuss British food. British food has a great history. British have a lot of traditional foods. These foods are healthy. Usually, processed foods are common in England. Actually, these are famous with the name of their ingredients. So, This article will focus only on the introduction of British food in England. In this article, I am going to discuss Fish and chips, English breakfast, Banger and Mash, Cockles, Eccles cake, Sunday Roast, Black pudding, and Cottage pie. If you want to read recipes of these foods, then click on the link that is behind the food.

Top 10 Favourite British food.

British food that you love to know about.

Traditional Foods in England:

According to the history and development of England some important traditional foods in England are given below:

Fish and chips British food

It is an amazing dish like its name. It has all the food groups. Basically, It is a fried fish and potato fires dish. You can find it everywhere in England. It usually served with tomato sauce. Fish and chips is rich in carbohydrates and protein, it has also vitamins and rich in antioxidants. It has a fried salty taste. Lemon juice is also used in this dish. Usually, it is used as dinner and lunch in England.

British food breakfast

England breakfast is a healthy and strong breakfast in England. It has all the food groups. It should be common in the overall world. English breakfast is rich in all basic nutrients, it is most important for children, older adults and students. It contains Eggs, bread, potatoes, Tomatoes, beans, broccoli and a piece of meat. These all are used as breakfast. Some dieticians recommend English breakfast during pregnancy.

Banger and Mash British food

Banger and mash is also a traditional dish in England. It is the most famous and presents every restaurant in England. It is also a healthy meal. Banger and Mash are rich in carbohydrates. It is a quick source of energy. So, These are common as lunch and dinner in England. It is a dish of mashed potatoes and banger. Banger is a dish of pork or beef meat. Usually, British people avoid using white chicken.


It is a rich dish. It is famous in England. In this dish, cockles are cooked in the banger. Cockles may use with other sausages. Therefore, It is rich in antioxidants. And this dish is a good source of protein. It is a dish of special events. It is salty.

Eccles cake:

Eccles cake is the most famous sweet in England. It is available at every bakery of England. Eccles cake is sweet. Basically, It fills with currants. It is around biscuits type of cakes. Sometimes sugar is used for toping on these cakes. It is rich in carbohydrates. They are a quick source of energy. These are usually common at special events or these are healthy sleeping snacks. If you want to read the recipe for this dish, then you should to click on this link and visit the preparation of this dish.

Sunday Roast:

According to its name, it does not associate with only Sunday. Historically and according to British religion, Sunday is a holiday. So, maybe in history, this dish was associated with Sunday. Now it is available everywhere and every time in England. So, It is a strong lunch and dinner in England. Basically, This is famous at the household level. It is a healthy dish, which contains each basic nutrient. Basically, Potatoes, meat, pea, vegetables, beans, and Yorkshire pudding are present in this dish. Pork or beef is present in this dish.

Black pudding:

It is an amazing dish in England. Actually, this dish originated in England. It was produced with pork blood. Bork fats and carbohydrates are also common in this dish. It may harmful due to excessive use due to its fatty and bloody ingredients. It is the most common dish in England.

Cottage pie:

The cottage pie is another dish of meat. it is also the most common dish as lunch in England. It produces meat pie. Then, This pie overtopped with potatoes layers. It is rich in proteins. It has also carbohydrates. This dish is also common at special events. It is also famous as Shepherd’s pie. Therefore, It is a healthy dish that involved in different developments of the body.


So, In the end, we can say that British top traditional foods are very delicious and they describe the

British food


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