Brinner, a little dinner a little breakfast: what it is and how to make one

Brinner, a little dinner a little breakfast: what it is and how to make one

After brunch comes the Brinner: from the combination of breakfast and dinner for undecided sweet lovers at any time of day and night.

By now everyone, at least once, has indulged in a rich Sunday brunch. That is, they have combined, as Anglo-Saxons and Americans love to do, breakfast (breakfast) with lunch (lunch) to indulge in the most varied delicacies – from brioches to savory pies, nothing is missing – and at the same time the pleasures of conviviality. Brunch has also become common in Italy for quite a while, but soon it will have to deal with a competitor who seriously threatens to undermine it: the brinner .

What is it and how the idea was born

The brinner comes from Australia and has already depopulated in Great Britain and the United States: it is considered a very glamorous trend, let’s put it this way.In a Sydney restaurant, breakfast was also eaten after dinner: this is how the brinner was bornAs for the Bel Paese, the novelty was received with a certain diffidence but in recent times the consensus has definitely increased, consequently the bars offering this formula are increasing – especially in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. And let’s get to the point: what exactly is the brinner ? The result of the union between breakfast and dinner ( dinner ). The idea is from Bill Granger, which some time ago opened a restaurant specializing in breakfasts in Sydney. The man soon noticed that the request covered the whole day, not just the morning slot. In other words, he filled up with customers even in the late afternoon and even after 8pm. And the more he enriched the menu, the better the business. Bill therefore coined the term brinner and thus gave definition to the new trend , which has become his specialty: in the space of a decade, he has opened clubs from Asia to the whole of Europe that are really great. And many colleagues, in various parts of the world, have decided to make their debut in this same field.

The courses that must not be missing

As anticipated, the number of Italian places offering brinner is growing but still not very significant; they are mainly in the North, finding one in Milan or along the Romagna Riviera may not be a difficult undertaking, but excluding these areas the search begins to be somewhat complex.If you can’t find a nearby bar, you can organize a brinner at home with friendsWhat to do? Relying on do it yourself . Are you planning to invite friends to your home , to spend a nice evening together (perhaps on the terrace or in the garden)? Perfect. So, instead of the traditional dinner, organize a perfect brinner: the amazement will be general and they will appreciate a lot, trust me. What must not be missing? We divide the sweet from the savory; in the first case, croissants are mandatory but also cereals , rusks with jam , muffins, pancakes – with relative maple syrup – and a tasty cheesecake. As for the savory dishes, scrambled eggs are a must, eggs with bacon and slices of toast, butter and smoked salmon canapes , at least a quiche, chicken salad and some mini sandwiches filled with whatever you want. For the rest, you do. And the drinks? Milk and fruit juices are mandatory , but we advise you not to miss white wine or prosecco .

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