Breakfast ideas for bodybuilding

Breakfast ideas for bodybuilding


Breakfast means a lot to the bodybuilders. As they have to develop the body and muscle mass so they desire for having a big hunger that will enable them to eat a lot and gain a lot in the body mass. As it is also said that if a person requires 2000 kcal per day he or she should consume about 1000 kcal of energy in the breakfast only as your body has risen in the morning from long fasting of overnight.

So you must eat breakfast in time but if you don’t do so and delays in having your breakfast then your body would stop sending the hunger signals and start conserving the energy. Ultimately, your hunger will be suppressed and a bodybuilder knows what does no hunger means? No hunger means no eating that will further lead to nobody mass gain or muscle development. That’s why the bodybuilders don’t miss the breakfast and mostly relay on the high protein breakfasts. So, in this article, the breakfast ideas for the bodybuilders will be discussed.

Breakfast Ideas

  1. Cottage cheese and fruit:

Cottage cheese can be used in place of Greek yogurt and ensures the sow release of the casein protein. So, it is very easy and quick to prepare and can help your body to work out for the whole day in the gym with less sensation of hunger.


It is prepared from:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries

You can add some other ingredients to the dish according to your desire as the oatmeal, apple slices or honey. So, you can make the recipe according to the hunger that you have.

Nutritional value:

So, with a simple serving of 340 g of cottage cheese and few fruits, it provides you about 200 kcal of energy.

  1. Vegetables and egg scramble:

It takes time to be prepared but if you have a little more time then you can have this as your tastiest breakfast. So, it normally requires 10 to 15 minutes. So, in it actually the eggs are scrambled along with the spinach, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and many other vegetables.

  1. Protein smoothie:

So, it is energy or the muscle-building booster. So, these types of smoothies usually keep you full for a longer time. It is often added to the list of breakfast when you have been late from the bed and wants to get at your desired place in time.


Ingredients are:

  • Water
  • Spinach
  • Mixed berries
  • Plain yogurt
  • Protein powder
  • Walnuts
  • Ground flax seeds


It provides you about 500 kcal of energy along with 57 g of proteins as a single serving.

  1. Peanut butter sandwich and milk:

Peanut butter is a treasure that contains an ample amount of energy and healthy fats in it along with a considerable amount of protein. With the peanut butter use the whole wheat bread so that the carbohydrates become complex and there is a slow release of energy.


So, the ingredients are:

  • Peanut butter
  • Whole wheat bread slices
  • Bananas
  • Oats
  • Milk

Nutrition facts:

As a single simple serving, it gives you about 634 kcal of energy along with 26 g of proteins.

  1. Eggs with smoked salmon:

When eggs and salmon come together, give a fantastic blend of protein and energy. So, salmon and eggs have that type of bioactive protein that helps your muscles in protection and repair. It also maintains joint health that is very important while doing the gym work. It also contains the omega-3 that protects the body from CVD’s. it also enhances the brain function, keeps your sugar level balanced and helps to control the fat buildup.


Ingredients are:

  • Eggs
  • Plain butter
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Pieces of smoked salmon


So, a single serving of it gives you about 456 kcal of energy along with 33 g of proteins.

  1. Mass Gainer-shake:

So, the commercially available shakes are containing ample amounts of low-quality sugar and protein that suddenly arises your blood sugar. So having such shakes at home will be a blessing.


ingredients are:

  • Milk
  • Protein powder
  • Peanut butter
  • Quick oats


Per single serving, it gives you about 513 kcal of energy along with 20 to 60 g of proteins.


So, in the light of the above discussion, bodybuilders have to eat calories and protein-rich breakfasts for the whole day working out in the gym so that they effectively develop their body mass and muscle mass.





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