Beer in capsules such as espresso coffee

Beer in capsules such as espresso coffee

From Korea comes a machine that is able to produce beer at home using capsules, as is the case with coffee.

It is identical to a coffee machine, but beer comes out of its capsules . Yes, you read that right: the last frontier in the brewing field has been reached and the Korean brand LG invented it. The machine in question is called LG HomeBrew ,home brewing beer with capsulesit is slightly more cumbersome than the coffee ones we are used to having at home and is officially described as a ” system for the production of craft beers based on capsules “. It allows you to taste, at least for now, 5 different beer varieties : there is the American IPA capsule, the American Pale Ale, the English Stout, then the Belgian Witbier and the Czech Pils. All of them contain malt, yeast, hop oil and aromas, which are transformed thanks to algorithms capable of controlling the fermentation process.


Anyone who is already fascinated by the mere idea that by inserting a capsule will have a nice frothed beer will have to change their mind a bit: unlike its coffee counterpart, this machine does not allow you to draw beer instantly . In fact, it takes a couple of weeks to complete the cotta (times certainly shorter than those of artisanal production, says LG), which vary according to the type of beer chosen. And in any case, a maximum of 5 liters can be produced at a time .


Despite this, the company continues, the choice of capsules is a winner and would solve an age-old problem, which is that of cleaning : the appliance, in fact, self-cleans itself with hot water after each production, exactly as happens when we consume a capsule coffee. Furthermore, thanks to a free app, it would allow you to remotely check the status of production at any time. Officially, the capsule beer machine will only be presented in January, during CES , the consumer electronics fair that will be held from January 8 to 11 in Las Vegas. So arm yourself with patience, we will have to wait.

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