Beer and biscuits: Oreo stout is born in America

Beer and biscuits: Oreo stout is born in America

The American brewery The Veil Brewing Co. has invented an Oreo-flavored beer, for all lovers of the most famous biscuit in the world.

Lovers of Oreo , cocoa biscuits filled with vanilla cream, will go crazy at the news that now there is also an Oreo-flavored beer . The absurd idea (but perhaps not too much) comes from the American brewery The Veil Brewing Co. , which created a milk stout fermented with the world-famous two-tone biscuits.


Cakes, ice creams, Oreo-flavored puddings are now obsolete and banal: beer is the new frontier, no doubt about it. In fact, the brewery inventedat first it was a little experiment, but the beers were sold out immediatelythe Hornswoggler which acquires its completely unique color and aroma thanks to fermentation with the addition of several kilos of frosted Oreo cookies and ice. Initially, it was an experiment in which no more than 64 cases of beer had been produced, which, however, were sold in the blink of an eye. The company was then inundated with requests and the latest posts of the brewery on Instagram suggest that it will set up a new and wider production of the bizarre beer.


Hornswoggler was sold in fuchsia cans and due to the residual sugars in the cookies, the brewery recommended keeping them in the refrigerator or freezer to enjoy them at their best. Reviews of those who have tried Oreo beer have been very positive. Would you try it?

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