Back to work: 5 tips to get back on a diet without drama after the holidays

Back to work: 5 tips to get back on a diet without drama after the holidays

After the holidays, you can go back to normal even with nutrition: here are 5 tips to get back in shape without drama.

During the holidays the last thing we think about is the diet , especially in summer when the opportunities for conviviality and party increase: aperitifs on the beach, appetizers and snacks at any time, ice creams, beers, rich grills and dinners with will not be the holidays that will ruin the sacrifices of an entire yearIn this period, to interfere with our eating habits, are also the rhythms of life completely different from those to which our body is used: a holiday, in fact, is such only if we can go to bed late in the evening without fearing the nightmare of the morning alarm. All this serves and is useful for our mind to disconnect from the daily routine and to recharge and face the long winter in the best possible way, but it is less useful to our body which, inevitably, accumulates extra pounds. The time has now come to return to normal and, having abandoned the sense of guilt because it cannot be 20-30 summer days to cancel the sacrifices of a whole year, it is however good to return to old habits and transform the back to work not only inreturn to work but also in the recovery of healthy dietary rules and perhaps pay particular attention to purify yourself and eliminate the sense of weight and swelling accumulated on vacation days. Just follow a few tips to get back in shape after the holidays :


  1. Set achievable goals . The first step is to fix a weight loss that is not impossible, and achieve it gradually and lastingly, avoiding too rigid diets based on illusory promises. It is always good to remember that if the weight loss is too fast, the result will be short-lived and all the lost pounds will be regained in a short time.
  2. Restart from breakfast On holiday, due to slower rhythms, it may happen to wake up late and skip breakfast, or to dedicate more time to this time of day thanks to the hotel buffets, or to indulge in the famous cappuccino and croissant at the bar . Well, the time has come to recover healthy habits and have a balanced breakfast, sweet or savory, as long as it is made with natural foods such as toast with a drizzle of oil or bread and jam, or opt for a yogurt or milk with non-cereal cereals. refined.
  3. Balanced lunches and dinners . At lunch and dinner, the advice is to limit the amount of carbohydrates and moderate the use of the dressing, preferring the consumption of whole grains with a higher satiety index and extra virgin olive oil. Insert in the food day a portion of pasta or other cereal seasoned with vegetables, and a protein accompanied by a side dish of mixed salad or fresh vegetables. Avoid packaged and canned foods, ready-made products or frugal lunches at the bar.
  4. Break hunger with healthy snacks . If until today in the hours of relaxation you have indulged in chips, pizzas, peanuts, alcohol or carbonated drinks, it is time to stop this habit. In fact, if you happen to feel a sense of hunger between main meals, it is better to choose healthy foods with high satiating power such as a handful of unsalted dried fruit, or a square of dark chocolate, or a white yogurt.
  5. Engage in regular physical activity . Exercising is another essential step to get back in shape after the holidays. If you don’t want to go back to the gym yet, take a brisk walk for at least 40 minutes or, if you are fit, a light jog, in this way you will immediately feel lighter and more snappy. Once you have resumed your usual sports activities, do them regularly, at least 3 times a week in order to fortify your muscles and get back into shape in a short time.

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