Autumn in Rome starts with EurHop 2019

Autumn in Rome starts with EurHop 2019

Autumn in Rome always begins with EurHop, an international event dedicated to craft beers again this year at Eur from 4 to 6 October.

The dates have been marked for months in the agendas of Italian beer geeks . The countdown is about to end: from 4 to 6 October , the Salone delle Fontane in Rome will host the seventh edition of EurHop , an international beer festival organized by Publigiovane and the Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà pub.

Beers and breweries

The selection of the breweries is personally supervised by Manuele Colonna , a leading figure on the national beer scene and publican of Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà, who personally took steps to invite Italian and world realities that he considered interesting (the complete list is on the site of the event). As always, attention will be paid to the transport and storage conditions of the kegs, to guarantee visitors perfect beers from an organoleptic point of view. If we want to give some numbers, we can say that there will be 800 beers, almost 400 tapsarranged on the two 45-meter benches, behind which there will be many master brewers ready to tap their creations. From a geographical point of view, the producers come from 14 countries and 17 Italian regions.


Participants will receive the tasting kit at the entrance : glass, pocket, guide of the beers present and map. Those who prefer digital tools can download the YHOP app which allows you to know the tap list in advance and organize tastings, saving your favorite beers and those not to be missed. Day tickets and season tickets valid for all three dates are available at the box office and online on Ciaotickets. There will be musical entertainment; the gastronomic proposal will be curated by Palombini Ricevimenti and important Roman street food realities .


In addition to the actual festival, many clubs in the capital, taking advantage of the presence in the city of brewers, professionals and experts in the sector, will participate in EurHoff : an off-salon with dozens of events. To stay up to date, the advice is to visit the Festival website .


EurHop will take place at the Salone delle Fontane, via Ciro il Grande 10-12, Rome (Eur district). Hours: Friday 4 from 17 to 3 (end of administration at 2); Saturday 5th from 12 to 3 (end of administration at 2); Sunday 6 from 12 to 24.

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