At pizza school: 9 courses to learn the art

At pizza school: 9 courses to learn the art

The profession of the pizza maker has become coveted: to learn the art of pizza, there are several really valid professional courses. Here are our tips.

Pizza is now experiencing a real boom: always loved by the popular public , in recent years it has conquered even the most hardened gourmands – and food critics – who, previously very reluctant to abandon the great designer tables for placemats. pizzerias,the profession of the pizza maker is becoming a coveted jobnow they line up or book months in advance to get a table with the great masters from all over Italy and taste their latest creations. But not only; also the profession of the pizza maker , in the past mistreated and considered the last wheel of the wagon, climbs position after position in the rankings of the most coveted professions. Likewise, the number of home-made pizza chefs is growing who delight – often with excellent results – in preparing homemade pizzas in a pan or in a pan but also (space permitting) round in a wood oven.

Thus, training offers in the sector are also multiplying . From professional courses for those who have never put their hands in the dough to updates and focuses on specific topics, up to amateur courses for those who want to learn from scratch or improve their home technique, there are many courses throughout Italy. Here we propose a selection of the most valid , thanks to the seriousness of the structures and the names of the pizza chefs involved as masters.


  1. AVPN Academy, all the secrets of Neapolitan Pizza . For over 20 years the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana – founded in 1984 to protect and promote the real Neapolitan pizza , produced and processed according to the ancient Neapolitan traditions and customs – has been organizing professional courses for those who want to become a pizza chef or deepen some technical aspects. From 2017 the courses take place in the equipped classrooms of the new headquarters in via Capodimonte 19 / a Naples , where there is also a guesthouse to accommodate students arriving from outside. In addition to the basic course and advanced courses dedicated to specific focuses (for example gluten-free pizza, frying, cooking in a wood oven, alternative doughs), all taught by master pizza makers who are members of the Association such as Attilio Bacchetti, Salvatore Santucci, Guglielmo Vuolo and others, the AVPN also offers amateur courses including the fun experience Neapolitan Pizza Maker for One Day: a 4-hour educational workshop designed for let tourists know and experience the art of the Neapolitan pizza maker , recognized by Unesco as an intangible heritage of humanity, with the story of the True Neapolitan Pizza, practical demonstrations of dough, drafting and cooking of Neapolitan pizza in a wood oven and final tasting.
  2. API, the pan according to Angelo Iezzi . Dedicated above all to Roman pizza (but the classic round pizza course also includes the Neapolitan one) the National School of Pizza of the Italian Pizzerias Association – based in via Acuto 138 in Rome – was born about 20 years ago from the idea of Angelo Iezzi , expert pizza maker who changed the history of the Roman pan by defining a new style based on long maturation, which later became the standardand led to further evolutions by pizza makers such as Gabriele Bonci and others. There are over 2,000 students who have left the School who today put the Iezzi method into practice. The school offers courses in round pizza (Roman and Neapolitan), pan pizza (and pizza alla pala) and acrobatic pizza.
  3. Profession Pizzaiolo, Gambero Rosso Academy . The training division of Gambero Rosso offers, among the many courses, also the professional one dedicated to those who want to undertake the profession of pizza maker. It is divided into an initial theoretical area, from the disciplinary to the choice of raw materials, followed by practical lessons in the classroom equipped with kneading machines, oven and bench for dough processing. It lasts about 1 month (80 hours of training), but a longer and more structured course is also being structured for the achievement of a certificate recognized by the Lazio Region. The next edition will start on 7 October in Rome with teachers Luca Pezzetta – coordinator – and Sami el Sabawy (but courses are also planned in the offices of Palermo , Naplesand Lecce ), with theoretical and practical lessons in the classrooms of the Città del Gusto in via Ottavio Gasparri 13 and cooking exercises in a wood oven at external locations. Luca Pezzetta also teaches courses at the Accademia Pizzaioli in Venice and at the ICIF headquarters in Brazil, while organizing amateur pizza pan courses at the Osteria di Birra del Borgo in Rome.
  4. Coquis – University of Italian Cuisine . The cooking school created and directed by chef Angelo Troiani, based in via Flaminia 575 in Rome , also offers two professional courses for pizza chefs: the Intensive Course, lasting 110 hours, with the theoretical and practical study of physical and chemical characteristics. , organic and nutritional of the flours and ingredients, of the different sizes and qualities of pizza – Roman, Neapolitan round, hybrid , in pan and shovel – and cooking techniques. The course of Pizzaiolo with regional qualification, lasting 400 hours (284 on site and 116 internship) also adds study and training in the field of Nutrition and Merchandise. For four years the Coquis pizza courses have been coordinated by Jacopo Mercurowho for the next editions also involved colleagues Mirko Rizzo , Luca Pezzetta and Francesco Pace (from Il Ponticello in Rome) in order to give a broader vision and greater opportunities for comparison to the students. Jacopo Mercuro also holds amateur pizza courses in home baking at One Day Chef in Rome. And considering that that’s how he started, it could be a good opportunity to discover his talent.
  5. University of Pizza ® del Molino Quaglia . The first courses of Università della Pizza® started in 2006, housed in the ancient headquarters of Molino Quaglia in Vighizzolo d’Este (PD), with the aim of guiding pizza makers towards the quality of ingredients and cooking techniques and to propose an idea of ​​contemporary pizza. The 7 classrooms are in fact equipped with video and image projection systems, multimedia wiring, wifi, megascreen for courses on the use of social networks and multiple cooking systems (wood oven, gas oven, more electric ovens, oven convection Rational), creating a modern and complete 360-degree professional pizzeria laboratory. Since 2013, the training offer of the University of Pizza has been updated by preparing 3 modules of multidisciplinary professional study: Structures , Mother Yeast and Cuisine and Gourmet(for a total of 14 days of full-time theoretical-practical lessons) with the possibility of attending an introductory preparatory course for those who have never put their hands in the dough , declined for the different types of pizza (pan and pan, shovel, Neapolitan, classic round etc.). The experience is completed by the format of PizzaUp®, the technical symposium on Italian pizza that every year provides ideas, stimuli and opportunities for discussion with great pizza makers, chefs and experts in the gastronomic sector.
  6. IN Pizzeria, In Cibum . Officially presented in spring 2019, IN Cibum – School of Higher Gastronomic Training of the South is located in a large and modern structure in Pontecagnano Faiano , in the province of Salerno . The new reality was born with the aim of training chefs, pastry chefs, pizza chefs to make them ambassadors of Italian taste, from the experience of FMTS Group (chaired by Giuseppe Melara) leader in training and research of personnel in Italy, and sees the scientific direction of Enzo Vizzari, the didactic coordination of chef Cristian Torsiello for the kitchen and that of the pizza chef Valentino Tafuri for the pizzeria . In pizzeriait is in fact the path that provides the basics of the trade with a part in the classroom, an intense laboratory activity dedicated to the preparation and processing of raw materials, the creation of different types of dough and the correct use of equipment, followed by the internship in Italian structures and foreign. With a total of 648 hours (176 in the classroom, 152 in the laboratory and 320 in the internship), specialized professional figures are thus formed as conditors, assistant pizza chefs or second pizza chefs. In addition to Tafuri, the courses are taught by masters of the sector including Franco Pepe , Gabriele Bonci , Renato Bosco , Francesco and Salvatore Salvo and many others.
  7. Maninpasta – Pasqualino Rossi . The latest born in chronological order – it was presented to the press on 18 June 2019, but has already started with amateur courses – is the School for pizza chefs and bakers created by the pizza chef Pasqualino Rossi in Alvignano , in the province of Caserta , hosted in the former school complex in corso Umberto I. With the payoff form to bake, the new school is not only to professionals but also to the amateur public, intercepting the growing interest around pizza and the figure of the pizza chef. Among the aims of the school there is also that of training bakers, a fundamental figure in the pizzeria but who lately is becoming increasingly rare on the job market. Another specialty of Pasqualino Rossi, perfect for the home public, is the pizza nel ruoto.
  8. Alice Academy, Alice Pizza . Created by Domenico Giovannini in 1990 with the opening of the first pizza slice by the slice, it was born in via delle Grazie, near San Pietro, in Rome, today Alice Pizza is the franchising brand dedicated to this type of pizza – managed under license from ‘exclusive use by Me & Alice Srl – more widespread in Italy and with numerous offices also abroad (Malta, Spain and the United States). At the base of the artisan franchising conceptthere is the standardization not of the product – with guaranteed space for the individual creativity of the employees of the individual stores – but of the method, starting from a common basis of training and quality of the ingredients. Precisely for this reason, the Alice Academy was born in 2013, in whose classrooms all the pizza chefs currently working in the Alice Pizza offices have passed. This is a free and closed training course , reserved for those who want to become part of the Alice world and aimed at increasing their know-how .corporate. Aspiring pizza chefs can send their CV and request a motivational and evaluative interview; if they pass it, they are admitted to the 5-day course with the Academy trainers at the Via del Gelsomino headquarters in Rome. At the end of the course, those who demonstrate a propensity for the subject and a manual learning ability access a paid internship in one of the Alice brand pizzerias, at the end of which they are hired.

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