At Milan Wine Week there is Bottiglie Aperte

At Milan Wine Week there is Bottiglie Aperte

During the Milan Wine Week the most awaited event is definitely Bottiglie Aperte: the seventh edition is scheduled for 7 and 8 October.

Milan, the capital of fashion and large companies, a center for design and architecture, a candidate for the Olympics and, perhaps, also to become a reference point for wine . The first edition of the Milan Wine Week aims high: and it does so above all thanks to Bottiglie Aperte , the main event of the entire week. In fact, on 7 and 8 October 2018 Bottiglie Aperte will celebrate its seventh edition, in the new and larger setting of Superstudio Più, with an installation curated by AquiliAlberg Architets that will put the environment of cellars and barrels in contact with the Milanese one of milan even mid-range restaurants pay attention to the wine listSince 2012, the year of the first edition of Open Bottles, many things have changed in the world of wine: the winemakers, the marketing and communication strategies, the city itself that hosts the event and that after the Expo has changed urban landscapes and cultural. In Milan, even mid-range restaurants today pay attention to the wine list; and so do the consumers, guided by the sommeliers or by the campaigns of the companies themselves. It is no coincidence that the 2018 edition of Bottiglie Aperte focuses on start-ups in the sector : the conference led by Aldo Bolognini, editor-in-chief of Milano Finanza, and the ABS Investment call for proposals, which will offer a year up for grabs, will be dedicated to the most innovative consultancy to grow your project. The Wine List Award eiThe Wine Style Awards will instead reward the venue with the best wine list and the most active producers in terms of communication.


But what will interest visitors most, whether they are simple enthusiasts or professionals, will probably be the vastness of the offer: at Bottiglie Aperte there will be more than 900 labels proposed by over 200 wineries , coming from every region of Italy, from Lombardy to Sicily, from Sardinia to Trentino. An opportunity to taste, to be guided, to freely explore or establish new working relationships, but above all to learn. Numerous masterclasses will be held during the eventled by experts in the sector, such as Luciano Ferraro (editor-in-chief of Corriere della Sera), Daniele Cernilli and Andrea Griffagnini (directors of the specialized sites Doctor Wine and Spirito DiVino) and Matteo Pessina (Alma taster). The focus of 2018 will be on Champagne; but classes and presentations will touch wines of all types and origins.


For those wishing to venture slightly off the subject, there will be the  showcooking of chef Paolo Cappuccio  and his brigade, arriving specifically from Folgaria, and the spirits area promoted and organized by  Giass , London Dry Gin produced in Milan. Here the drinks created by the staff of the Milanese cocktail bar Mag will be presented: an ideal closure for visitors, and the first Open Bottles also to the world of spirits and mixology.

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