At Backbottega with Ritual Lab we celebrate the Craft Beer Week

At Backbottega with Ritual Lab we celebrate the Craft Beer Week

The craft beer week from 9 to 12 March started with dinner at Retrobottega: Ritual Lab guest brewery.

By similarity, by contrast, by tradition. There are so many variables to combine beer with food that you don’t need a single taste. The characteristics of one must attenuate or enhance the peculiarities of the other, in a game of references that the more continuous the more successful. And what better time to enhance the cuisine than when sipping a beer? Maybe during the Beer Week. Artisan , of course. Let’s not joke. Only selected raw materials, continuous research, checks on all production, distribution and service. For a taste that does justice or glory, it depends on the case, on the work of the master brewer and of the whole company. A taste that can accompany every succulent bite of the meal.

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We participated in Where Beer Happens – cuisine meets beer. The dinner sanctioned the union of the Backbottega and the Ritual Lab brewery but, if we wanted or could, we would have really been spoiled for choice. Over 500 events planned throughout Italy , from South to North, from Pils to Stout, passing through Lambic, Barley wine, some experiments, Iga. Not only Rome, therefore, which also continues to be the most sparkling and active city of all. The whole brewing world celebrates for a week, in turmoil. Forgive me the humor. From 6 to 12 March . Deus ex machina Andrea Turco that moves the ranks of the blogzine Cronache di Birra and organizes the Fermentazioni festival (in Rome, Officine Farneto) and that not even now that winter comes to an end does it seem to rest. Participation is widespread, in many (breweries, pubs, restaurants) combine events  with promotions.

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We had dinner on Monday both to start the week well and to silently insert ourselves into the service routine of an address, Retrobottega (in via della Stelletta 4), young and very central. Usually it is on Monday that he lowers the shutters, the shutters. Not on this special occasion. Alessandro Miocchi to the helm  station, which dialogues with the outside propped up beyond the pass. The place is all played around the kitchen, you dine savoring its scents, enjoying the tempting scents. The dishes, as befits a chef who pays attention to contemporaneity, respect the dictates of the new millennium: creativity, local products, poor cuisine, Japanese minimalism, French school, Italian taste, juxtaposition of textures, accords of opposite flavors, retro olfactory researched. In luscious portions, especially lush meats and vegetables.

craft-craft-back-workshop-ritual-lab-giovanni-faenza week

How does it match all of this? With the refinement derived from a first Teutonic then Anglo-Saxon love for well-made beers. With attention, as we said earlier, to the whole process that brings the beer from the materiality of the ingredients to the consumer. Not forgetting transport and shelf life . Giovanni Faenzais an enthusiastic spokesperson for the brewery on the outskirts of Rome, Ritual Lab, in Formello to be precise, a few kilometers from Lake Bracciano. Here there is not only production, but also courses of approach to the world of brewing, with a German schoolmaster. But what about dinner? 5 beers in combination for 8 courses in a crescendo of taste. Above all meat, but also fish, reaching last but not least the fifth quarter first, then chocolate. And on the liquid side Pils, Lemon Ale, Session Ipa, Oatmeal Stout and Fruit Double Ipa. In a carousel, as we said at the beginning, which does not need to stop. To seal a bond between beer and food that couldn’t be tighter.

For those who missed this dinner but, remaining in the capital, would like to participate in an equally interesting event, at Il Tino Chef Daniele Usai will host the first cooking class completely dedicated to craft beer. Thursday 9 from 15 to 19. Birradamare guest brewery. Or if you are in Milan during the same day, PicoBrew presents a Keller Pils with goji berries at the Itinerant Pub.

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