Are you a Star Wars fan and do you like to cook? We have the gift for you

Are you a Star Wars fan and do you like to cook? We have the gift for you

Le Creuset, a well-known French cast iron cookware company, has launched a new line explicitly dedicated to fans of the Star Wars saga.

If you are already thinking about Christmas gifts for food lovers or for fans of the Star Wars saga , know that now there is one that satisfies both of you. Le Creuset took care of it with the launch of its new line dedicated to Star Wars .from November 1st they will be on sale online and in storesStarting from November 1st , online and in the stores, a galactic Le Creuset collection will be on sale (in every sense) and destined to conquer all fans of the genre. Let’s go in order. Le Creuset was born in 1925 in France and with its enamelled cast iron pans quickly conquers a solid and long-lasting market niche which gives it authority in the sector of high-end kitchen accessories. Over the years, the collections have been influenced by the social and cultural changes taking place and have tried to adapt to the new styles of consumption that gradually arose.

Why the partnership with Star Wars this year? Because cooking, as a hobby and passion, is very fashionable, it is a constantly growing trend that finds a lot of support not only in women but also and above all in men. Men, also enticed by talents and TV programs dedicated to cooking, do not give up cooking and, on the contrary, claim their cult objects in the kitchen. So how can you resist these pots? Each is inspired by a theme or a reference character from the Star Wars saga: Darth Vader, Han Solo, the Death Star, there really is something for everyone and the designers, no doubt about it, they did a really great job .

The oven pan with embossed lid, which depicts Han Solo imprisoned in carbonite, costs $ 450 and is one of the most expensive pieces in the collection. For $ 395, you can take home the black cast iron pot with the classic cocotte shape inspired by Darth Vader . Unpretentious enthusiasts, on the other hand, will be able to buy the mini cocotte in 3 different versions for the modest sum of 30 dollars.

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