Anything you can do with leftover red wine

Anything you can do with leftover red wine

Do you have any red wine left over after dinner? We recommend all the ways to finish a bottle of wine left over for a few days.

When organizing a dinner at home, with family or friends, there is always a tendency to abound with food, bottles and decorations: no one should risk being hungry or unsatisfied in any way! And the next day, even when the meal was a success, we find ourselves dealing with leftovers, including those of good wine uncorked especially for the occasion. Fortunately, red wine is always a treasure: whether it is fresh from a toast or has been open for a few days, there are many possible uses in the kitchen and outside.


  1. The first way to use half a bottle of leftover red is of course for cooking . There are several recipes that involve the use of red wine: for example, it can be used to blend the rice while cooking risotto (perhaps to prepare a wine and sausage risotto ), or in the filling of pasta : the traditional agnolotti del plin provide precisely the use of red wine, together with meat, onion and parmesan.
  2. Red wine is in fact particularly suitable for meat dishes . Famous is the brasato al barolo , which can actually be prepared with any leftover red wine – or even beer. Alternatively, red wine can be used to marinate steaks to be cooked on the grill: according to experts, a marinating of at least three hours with red wine, oil, salt, pepper and herbs makes the meat softer and tastier.
  3. If the meat is already cooked, it can be folded over a wine sauce . Preparation takes about ten minutes: red wine, onions, butter, broth and aromatic herbs are served according to everyone’s tastes. It is important to reduce the sauce until it is thick and full of flavor.
  4. To accompany bread and cheeses, the ideal is instead red wine jelly . In this case, in addition to wine, you need a thickening agent (such as isinglass or pectin) and sugar. For more pungent results you can add the spices traditionally combined with red wine: cinnamon, cloves and star anise.
  5. Speaking of spices, one cannot but think of mulled wine . You can also prepare just a couple of glasses by boiling the leftover red wine, spices and orange peel, white or brown sugar in a saucepan.
  6. There is also no shortage of sweet recipes : with a glass of leftover red wine you can prepare a soft chocolate and spice cake . Or you can prepare traditional pears in red wine , a dessert from ancient times: in this case it is good to choose small and not very juicy pears, to be boiled together with wine, sugar and spices for about fifteen minutes.
  7. Red wine can also be used to revive dried fruit , especially raisins. In this way you can add a note of acidity and wine to the many desserts that involve the use of raisins, from fruit salad to strudel.
  8. Wine can also be useful outside the kitchen – for example on the balcony or in the vegetable garden, where it can be used as a fertilizer for plants . In fact, red wine is very rich in mineral salts and other nutritional elements: mix it with water and use it to water (sparingly) the soil that needs to be revitalized.
  9. Have you not yet decided how to use leftover red wine and are worried that it will soon become too acidic? Freeze it . The ideal is to use the molds for the ice cubes: in this way you will have comfortable single portions of red wine available at any time and for a long time, for any use you can think of.

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