Antico Forno Roscioli: the history of pizza alla pala

Antico Forno Roscioli: the history of pizza alla pala

Pizza Romana Day 2019: Ancient Roscioli oven

For the Pizza Romana Day 2019 we listened to the words of Pierluigi Roscioli, one of the protagonists of the history of Roman baking.

Pizza Romana Day is in its second edition: the widespread event is organized by the Agrodolce editorial team in collaboration with the Lazio Region and Arsial, promoted by GreenStyle, Radio Sonica and Repubblica Sapori and sponsored by Birra del Borgo with its Lisa beer.pierluigi roscioli illustrated the characteristics of the Roman pala pizzaThe first edition of Pizza Romana Day wanted to lay the foundations of what should be the rules for a good Roman pizza , drafting the manifesto to clarify and assign it the very specific place in the gastronomic world it deserves. In this second edition of 12 September 2019 , we wanted to deepen the differences that make the three types of Roman pizza unique: round pizza, pan pizza and pizza alla pala. To better explain this last type loved by the Romans and not only (fortunately), we entered one of the most representative ovens of the capital to hear from the voice of one of the protagonists of the history of Roman bread making what it means and how it is considered pizza alla shovel. We listened to Pierluigi Roscioli , representative of the fourth generation of bakers who contributed to the spread of the fragrant Roman street food.

Pierluigi tells how this product was born poor, with the reuse of the head and tail of the dough, with a simple dressing of oil, salt and tomato, for a quick but satisfying consumption. Subsequently, given the great success with customers, the potential of this product was realized and specially dedicated ovens and doughs were born. If among the pizzerias where you can celebrate Pizza Romana Day you find yourself near the Antico Forno Roscioli, enter and try a piece of their pizza alla pala, but don’t feel upset by the particular way in which they cut it: with decisive strokes of the knife.

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