Anti-waste: how to use a watermelon from peel to seeds

Anti-waste: how to use a watermelon from peel to seeds

A watermelon is much more than its pulp: we recommend how to use it in its entirety, from the peel to the seeds, with different recipes and tricks.

Summer time of watermelon , to be enjoyed fresh sliced ​​or diced, left to rest for a long time in the refrigerator to obtain the ideal temperature and enjoy its cooling power. What to do with the peels and seeds? Usually we are used to throwing them in the humid, but in reality they can be used to create tasty and particular recipes. Here, then, is what you can do in the kitchen with the next watermelon you buy.


With the pulp of watermelon you can prepare many recipes. In addition to eating it to refresh yourself at the end of a meal, you can use it for a sorbet , mixing it with water, sugar, lemon juice and egg whites, or in granita, in its most classic is an ideal ingredient for fresh summer saladsOr, watermelon is an ingredient that you can add to your summer salads , making them a little more particular: it goes well with iceberg lettuce, because it contrasts both with the crunchiness of the latter and with the rather neutral flavor. It also goes very well, for example, with Greek feta and mint. As well as with balsamic vinegar. The only limit? Take out a lot of water when in contact with salt. The trick, therefore, is to add it only at the end of the preparation.

If you want to eat a summer pizza , however, you just have to use triangular slices of watermelon as a base for your combinations. Here too, you are spoiled for choice. Cheeses, cold cuts, vegetables: do some testing. Similarly, if you want a slightly lighter cake, you just have to clean a nice disc of watermelon, at least ten centimeters high, and cover it completely with cream, fresh fruit and topping. You will have drastically cut calories, saving them from the sponge cake and the filling, but you will have fully satisfied your craving for dessert.

The pulp is also the basis of the so-called gelo di melluni , a typical Sicilian spoon dessert that is usually prepared in August. The recipe is very simple: the filtered juice –a truly refreshing and delicious Sicilian dessertobtained by sifting the cubes of watermelon – it is gradually poured into the pot mixing it with the starch. Then, add the sugar and the flowers and put on the fire over a moderate flame, until the mixture becomes viscous and intense in color. Once ready, you have to remove the flowers, remove it from the heat and let it cool in another container. When it is sufficiently warm, you can add the chocolate chips and pumpkin and pour it into small molds. To serve it can be garnished with a sprinkling of cinnamon and chopped pistachios.


The peel of the watermelon can also be very useful in the kitchen. Among the recipes you can try is pickled watermelon peel or peel jam , which is prepared exactly like other fruit jams. If you prefer salty, you can make it a side dish by transforming it with vinegar, sugar and lemon into a version of the peel that is very reminiscent of pickled gherkins. Alternatively, a good solution is to use it for a gazpacho , along with cucumbers, tomatoes, bread, garlic, onion, vinegar and aromatic herbs, or for the preparation of a sweet and sour mustard to be used as a condiment exactly like its more famous counterpart.


The seeds that you have set aside, first of all, can be kept to be planted again in the garden. It will be sufficient to wash them, dry them and leave them to dry in the air on a tray, in order to be able to keep them for the next season. If, on the other hand, you want to consume them, just like pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds can also be toasted . Also in this case they must be washed, dried (preferably in the sun) and then toasted in the oven with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt, until they become crunchy. Once ready, you can add them to your muffin dough: they will look like chocolate chips, but once in your mouth they will pop, giving you an unexpected crunch.

It is also not forbidden to blend them: there is nothing to prevent them from being added to the pulp in smoothies or watermelon-based cocktails. Or, again, use them to create a mix of seasoning spices . Drying is the key word: start from here to add garlic, chilli, salt. Finally, you can use them to make a tea based on fresh watermelon seeds, grinding them as you do with coffee beans. You will need 4 tablespoons of fresh watermelon seeds and 2 liters of water. Bring the water to a boil and pour it over the chopped watermelon seeds. Let it rest for a quarter of an hour and then let it all cool. So, filter.

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