And you participate in the Veganuary, the vegan January?

And you participate in the Veganuary, the vegan January?

Veganuary is an initiative born in 2014 for which participants must follow a vegan diet for at least 30 days: here’s how to participate.

It is not uncommon for the passing of a new year to bring with it a long list of good intentions, often also linked to some changes in terms of nutrition. And that’s why, for some time now,follow a vegan diet for at least 30 daysaround the world January has become Veganuary , the vegan month , thanks to a campaign that challenges people to embrace this diet for at least 30 days. The initiative was launched in 2014 in Great Britain and, over time, over 500 thousand people have joined it, in over 190 countries around the world. This year’s global ambassador is Joaquin Phoenix – who is said to have pressed for a vegan menu even during the last Golden Globes – along with other colleagues such as Alicia Silverstone, Ellen Page, Evanna Lynch.

Relying on testimonials such as Rosita Celentano, Daniela Poggi and starred chef Pietro Leemann , from this year it is possible to join this movement also in Italy: by registering on the site of the same name , for the whole month you will receive an email a day with essential information. to switch to a plant-based diet , as well as suggestions for weekly recipes and menus , and information on the impact what you eat has on health, animals and the environment.

The goal of the campaign is to count more and more subscribers and, why not, to convince those who will be able to carry on this regime to make it their own much longer than a single month. Remembering, however, that the passage is not so simple and must be followed with due care. In fact, it is proven that if a vegan diet is not carried out correctly it leads to a series of important nutritional deficiencies, first of all that of vitamin B12 , present in foods of animal origin. Drastically changing approach with do-it-yourself, passing from an omnivorous diet to a strictly vegetable one, is therefore generally not recommended: you need a lot of information and a lot of planning. And in this, perhaps, the help of a professional is needed.

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