An infographic to decide the best Italian cuisine

An infographic to decide the best Italian cuisine

An ironic infographic on Italian cuisine has sparked much controversy: if in Lazio you eat divinely, is it true that in Emilia there is hospital food?

“ There is something wrong. Usually Bittersweet does not write these things so clear in the judgment “. Giancarlo immediately ate the leaf: our intent was to provoke you. In one of our Facebook posts, a few days ago , we published an infographic found on the web , in which the map of Italy showed different colors – from dark green to red – depending on the areas of the country where the food was best.

The chromatic scale, from good food to literally hospital food , shows that only regions such as Lazio, part of Sicily and part of Piedmont would be the best places to eat. On the contrary, Emilia-Romagna (sic!), Lombardy and Calabria would be almost forgotten places.

Your comments

In the comments you confirmed what we suspected: this map is completely unreliable. ” I can refute this map from the moment in which in Calabria there is no ‘if you are really hungry’ – writes Elisabetta – the feeling of hunger here has died out, we eat out of inertia, so much is the good and abundant regional cuisine “. ” I have never eaten as well as in Puglia in my life – says Enza – and I have tried restaurants around, as well as in Calabria of course which was defined by the New York Times a few years ago as the best cuisine to follow “.

“ A German will have made it in the company of a Frenchman ”, says Giosuè, while Marco is more local: “ It was designed by a couple, she from Rome and from Veneto, who often go on holiday to Palermo”. While Gabriella gives us the benefit of the doubt – “are we talking about food in restaurants or food produced by companies? “- Sonia defends her region, the Marches with the sword:” It is the best region in terms of cuisine … like you eat here, you don’t eat anywhere else … “.

And finally Fabrizio also arrives, confirming as an insider in the sector: “ I’m a cook: this is one of the first three places of the biggest c ***** ever seen! “. Closing with Sergio, expat in Koblenz, Germany, who reminds us between the lines not to spit on the plate we eat: ” You should live abroad like me and then and let’s talk “. We are sorry that someone did not immediately understand the game and decided to leave us. It was not just a post , as some have thought, but also a social experiment . A way to show you that, in spite of everything, of our regional cuisine – of any Region we are talking about – so much is still being talked about inappropriately.

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