Among these 21 Advent Calendars there is also the perfect one for you

Among these 21 Advent Calendars there is also the perfect one for you

The advent calendars are now back a custom: if you want to choose a particular one, range between these 21 sweet, savory and more.

That the waiting period is almost always better than the moment when the wish comes true is a known fact, sung by poems, songs and novels – the advent calendar ,over the years the advent calendars have begun to contain everythingwhich ritualizes the wait for Christmas, transforming it into 24 gifts, is its practical realization. The tradition of the advent calendar was born in the nineteenth century in the German-speaking countries, to accompany the little ones in what seems to them an interminable wait: a window or a packet a day, from the first Sunday of Advent (or from 1st December) to Christmas Eve. In the beginning, advent calendars were simply made up of images; later chocolates were added, which encouraged their spread also in Italy; and finally advent calendars were born that include practically anything, for young and old. However, the most popular and popular are the calendars with food surprises: behind the 24 windows it can almost hideevery type of delicacy, from sweet to savory, obviously passing through drinks .


  1. The most classic calendars are still those with chocolate today . They can be found in any deli or supermarket, usually with milk chocolates and graphics aimed mostly at children. For those looking for something more refined, there are still several alternatives: Venchi for example offers several variants. The most elegant is the Prestige, in book format and with 25 chocolates hidden in as many drawers, which can be turned to form four different Christmas graphics.
  2. Lindt instead offers the Orsetto children’s calendar (with milk chocolate) and the Lindor one for adults, with the well-known dark, milk, hazelnut and white pralines.
  3. Neuhaus , the Belgian chocolate house, focuses on both the quality of chocolate and aesthetics: the 2020 advent calendar is in fact a pop-up calendar – each window, in addition to hiding a praline, forms a character or an element of a three-dimensional landscape.
  4. Ferrero Rocher’s calendar is also three-dimensional , but in a very different sense: in 2020 Ferrero Rocher does not propose a ready-made advent calendar, but encourages you to build it yourself, providing on its website the outline of a box to print, assemble. , decorate and fill with your favorite sweets. 
  5. The cakes are another classic advent calendar. In Italy, the South Tyrolean Loacker proposes them : in this case, the calendar consists of 24 houses, boxes and small cardboard trees that form a village of gnomes to be filled with bars, cakes, wafers with different fillings.
  6. More traditional are the sweets of Niederegger , a company from Lübeck specializing in marzipan: the graphics proposed in the calendar vary from those for children to those “for real men”, but the content is always based on marzipan.
  7. American Crunch , for the third consecutive year, offers the calendar of American snacks: 24 sweet or savory surprises that cannot be found in Italy, even in the gluten free version. 
  8. In recent years, advent calendars with tea have also become very popular : on the other hand, it is very easy to hide an individually wrapped bag behind a window. Twinings , with the Superblends calendar, features an understated aesthetic and a selection of green teas and fruit and spice infusions.
  9. The same does the English Tea Shop , which offers advent calendars with different graphics and assortments.
  10. Lipton includes 48 tea and infusion filters designed for sharing as a couple.
  11. The Newby Teas 2020 advent calendar , which depicts a typical London building, includes 24 drawers: in each drawer, 4 filters for a tea to drink with the family, all together. 
  12. For those who love coffee there is the Nespresso calendar , in the shape of a panettone box, with 23 assorted capsules and a final surprise.
  13. For herbal teas you can choose between the Pukka calendar , to hang on the wall and with a pocket for each filter.
  14. Pompadour offers  25 fruit and spice infusions. The Pompadour calendar also serves to support the “SOS Children’s Villages” association, with the aim of helping children and young people who cannot count on the presence of their family.
  15. Advent calendars with beer have also been very popular in recent years . For some years now , Hopt , a retailer specializing in beer and accessories, has in fact been offering Beery Christmas : a sturdy box with contemporary-Christmas-themed decorations and 24 windows for as many bottles of beer, produced specifically for the calendar. In 2020, the beers come from 14 countries and involve as many as 28 different breweries.
  16. A little less well known is Beerwulf’s calendar , with a slightly more classic design. The novelty of this year is that the 24 beers, all from different breweries, can also be tasted in company (virtual): the purchase of the calendar will in fact give the right to participate in tastings and online events.
  17. 2020 will also be a good year for those who prefer to focus on one brewery at a time: Brewdog has in fact launched its own advent calendar, which includes classics such as Punk Ipa but also novelties such as Lockdown, a pilsner with guava and grapefruit born in the recent months.
  18. Some like salty : and there are advent calendars suitable for him too. Popcorn Shed , for example, behind each window offers a taste of artisan popcorn with different flavors: salted caramel and milk chocolate, dark chocolate and raspberry, peanut butter and more – all vegetarian and gluten-free.
  19. The Snaffling Pig Co. advent calendar is instead made up of pork snacks: crunchy tastes of rind flavored with salt, spices and smoking techniques. 
  20. Do you still feel undecided? Advent calendars don’t end there, but most focus on the German or Anglo-Saxon market. To get an idea of ​​the variety of food calendars available it is worth taking a look at the website of the online German gastronomy Krautberger : spices, dried fruit, licorice, even salt and oil can become the protagonists of an advent calendar.
  21. For those who prefer alcoholic proposals, the reference brand is Drinks by the Dram , specialized in tastings of whiskey, rum and other spirits. For the advent, the selections include gin, vodka but above all many types of whiskey, including the Japanese.

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