Ambassadors for Expo: who are the 13 chefs

Ambassadors for Expo: who are the 13 chefs

On the occasion of Expo 2015 in Milan there will be 13 chef ambassadors, from Massimo Bottura to Carlo Cracco, up to Gualtiero Marchesi.

Feeding the planet : the theme of Expo 2015 in Milan brings great visions, debates and questions. Perhaps the same as the 13 chef Ambassadors who, together with architects, musicians,chefs and pastry chefs will come together to provide their own vision of nutrition through an ingredient artists and personalities will be ambassadors and protagonists of the debate and reflections that this event has been raising for some time. The protagonists of the culinary world, great chefs and pastry chefs more or less known to the television audience, invariably rewarded by the guides and adored by their audience of enthusiasts, have chosen a simple key to tell their vision of nutrition through an ingredient . A practically vegetarian menu that talks about Italy through excellence accompanied by the reflections and passions of each of the chefs who will alternate on the stages and in the kitchen. Let’s see what they are.


  1. GualtieroMarchesi AcademyIt starts from the basis of nutrition: endless cereals between the wheat of Gualtiero Marchesi , the rice of Cesare Battisti and the buckwheat of Pietro Leemann , which tell not only the deep bond of Italian gastronomy with these ingredients, but also the bond that they have in the most distant cultures, starting from China to finish in Mexico.
  2. moreno-cedroniThen come the condiments by Alfons Schuhbeck , who in choosing recalls the link between aromatic herbs, health and nutrition, and the extra virgin olive oil by Moreno Cedroni , who fantasizes a journey based on bites of bread dipped in the extra virgin olive oil of half of Italy. Enrico Bartolini is linked to a beautiful and good vegetable like the round aubergine, which recalls the climate and the all-Italian welcome of the table, while Ugo Alciati chooses the mountains of the Alta Valle di Stura to find the milk of the Piedmontese breed cows and the belief that tradition is first of all knowledge of raw materials and their origin.
  3. crackAlongside the humblest ingredients, such as the chicken egg which for Carlo Cracco represents the rebirth, life and enhancement of a journey, excellence and symbols of abundance and luxury are aligned. Davide Oldani  has chosen to bring with him the saffron produced by a young farmer on the outskirts of Milan, while the pastry chef par excellence Ernst Knam has taken up the food of the gods, cocoa, which made him famous and which boasts exotic origins.
  4. Massimo-Bottura-Osteria-FrancescanaExotic are also the birthplace of coffee, an ingredient selected by Andrea Berton by virtue of its great versatility on savory dishes and sweet dishes and great Italian passion at any time of the day. The only woman to finish the team of adults remains, the Roman chef Cristina Bowerman , who brings with her the bees and their ability to guarantee biodiversity thanks to the work of pollination. The group concludes in a compact manner by Massimo Bottura , who, last to join the group, relaunches the reflection starting from the ingredients and bringing the theme of waste to the table.

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