Alcohol: do you know which are the most caloric of all?

Alcoholic beverages are an integral part of our diet, but in terms of calories they are not exactly light: here are the differences between the various categories.

Whether it is when we go out with friends or when we prepare a romantic dinner at home, we often do not ignore a good glass of wine, a mug of beer or a cocktail at the end of the evening. The alcoholic beverages are in fact part of our eating habits, but certainly involve risks, including a high intake of calories totally free, empty  words which do not provide nutrients and affect our weight .

The calories of alcohol

In the liver, the oxidation of 1 gram of ethyl alcohol (or ethanol) generates about 7 kcal , against 4 of carbohydrates and proteins and about 9 of fats. Twelve grams of ethanol correspond to what is called the Alcoholic Unit (AU), a standard unit of measurement in many countries – including Italy – which allows you to indicate the amount of alcohol consumed with a drink. In our country, a glass of medium-strength wine, a can of medium-strength beer, a glass (80 ml) of an aperitif at 18 °, a glass (40 ml) of spirits at 36 ° corresponds to an alcoholic unit.

How many do we drink

But how many calories does all this really correspond to? A rather simplified calculation multiplies the number 7 (the calories of 1 gram of ethanol) by the quantity taken, but the question is not so simple , because all the other additional calories that coexist with alcohol in the various drinks are missing, just think of all ingredients present in cocktails. A list of spirits, which also takes into account the latter, is drawn up in the Inran guidelines and is calculated on the standard measure of an alcoholic unit. So let’s see what are the actual calories of alcohol .

The most caloric

According to data provided by the National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition, among the most caloric products we find the piña colada (according to recipe ): a 100 ml glass has 10 grams of alcohol and releases 174 kcal. Followed by double malt beer (8 degrees): 200 ml correspond to 12 grams of ethanol and 1 alcohol unit and provide about 170 kcal. A 75ml glass of wine such as port and other aperitifs (20 °) correspond to 115 kcal. Similar – 113 kcal – the intake of about 75 ml of sweet wine (such as vermouth).

bourbon whiskey

The standard portion of daiquiri (according to recipe ) is one calorie lower : 1 small glass of 60 ml corresponds to 14 grams of alcohol and 112 kcal. The level of bitters above 35 ° is also high: 1 glass, that is 40 ml, oscillates between 92 and 126 kcal. As well as that of brandy, cognac, grappa and whiskey (40 °): 40 ml correspond to about 90 kcal. Similarly vodka, gin and rum : 40 ml correspond to 83 kcal. Sparkling wine and champagne are no exception: a glass of 125 ml corresponds to 99 kcal.

Table wine

A glass of wine that raises 13.5 °, equal to 125 ml, corresponds to 13 grams of alcohol, with 91 kcal. When the degrees drop to 12, the alcohol content also drops by one gram, with consequent lowering of calories: they become 84 per glass. Going down one more degree, that is to 11, the alcohol content in turn drops (always 11) and with it again the calories: this time they are 77.

The least caloric

If you really can’t do without it, choose a normal beer , that is about 4.5 °: 1 330 ml can of beer corresponds to about 100 kcal, with an alcohol content of 12 grams. In proportion, a small white (200 ml) is the product with the least calories : just over 80 in total. Half a glass of wine with an alcohol content of 11 is well tolerated. Sake is also good , as long as you don’t drink the whole bottle: 1 small glass of 40 ml contains 8 grams of alcohol and has about 54 kcal. In closing, choose bitters that have a lower alcohol content, between 23 ° and 30 °: a small glass of 40 ml corresponds to 9 grams of alcohol, equal to about 25 kcal.

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