Albanian chefs join in a charity dinner for the 2019 earthquake

Albanian chefs join in a charity dinner for the 2019 earthquake

On January 31 at the San Martino 26 restaurant in San Gimignano, 5 Albanian chefs get together for a charity dinner for the earthquake in Albania.

charity dinner , the proceeds of which will be donated entirely to two peasant families who saw their homes destroyed by the November 2019 earthquake . And that, bravely, however, remained in Albania , living in makeshift shelters and taking care of the remaining animals. The initiative is strongly desired by some chefs of Albanian origins – Entiana Osmenzeza , Ronald Bukri , Lul Vulashi , Gentian Shehi and Ardit Curri – who on January 31st , at the San Martino 26 Restaurant in San Gimignano, above all they will bring to the table some local proposals, to pay homage to their origins and at the same time offer concrete help.

” We went to the area to lend a hand where it was needed – the cooks write in the invitation letter – but, returning to our fortunate situation, we thought we could do something to help, even from here, the most needy “. For the evening the menu includes a selection of appetizers, the meze , with seasonal vegetables in brine accompanied by fresh homemade ricotta and a bunch of marinated cabbage, then the traditional byrek with spinach and with onion and beef.

The first , more contaminated , include a pie of spaghetti, eggs and cheese and buttons of lamb paçe soup . For the second courses the Tavë Kosi , with baked lamb with artisan yogurt, sautéed seasonal vegetables. Finally, to end with the sweets of the holidays: kadaif with walnuts, shëndetlie with almonds, memory biscuits, kurabie with prunes and palafiq .

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