Al Meni returns and lights up September in Rimini

Al meni, the gastronomic festival conceived by Massimo Bottura, returns from 25 to 27 September with starred chefs and excellent products.

In Rimini , the last weekend of September lights up with Al Meni , the gastronomic festival conceived by Massimo Bottura which from 25 to 27 September brings to the city by the sea, 12 starred chefs from Emilia-Romagna and 12 talents of contemporary Italian gastronomy in one authentic synthesis of chefs, ideas and quality products. Postponed in autumn from the usual month of June, Al Meni does not give up on live appointments , even in this difficult year and with all the necessary attention and precautions. A good sign for a heavily affected sector that is looking for a restart also through these opportunities.

The news

The formula remains the well-established one that brings together starred show cooking , signature street food, markets dedicated to local products of excellence, manufacturing workshops and meetings. But there is no shortage of news : the 8 and ½ circus of flavors for the first time, proposes a special edition in the heart of the city of Rimini, in Piazza Cavour and in the nearby garden of the Mimosas transformed by the circus Fellini atmospheres, in the centenary year of birth of the master of cinema.

Guest chefs

For this edition, in such a particular year, it was decided to give space to contemporary Italian gastronomy . To interpret it, were called, among others, Marco Ambrosino and his Mediterranean in the heart of Milan, from Rome Stella Shi and her search for ingredients, and Jessica Rosval who, with her heart between Canada and Emilia, leads Casa Maria Luigia , a hospitality project created in the Modena countryside by Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore. On the program Giuseppe Rambaldi , between Piedmont and Emilia, Chiara Pavan who from Venissa to Mazzorbo brings the gastronomic heritage of the precious islands of the Venice Lagoon to Rimini. Then there are Sarah Cicolinifrom Santo Palato to Rome, the free creativity of Antonio Ziantoni , Giorgio Servetto and his Liguria, Lorenzo Lunghi between France and Italy, the avant-garde of Giuliano Baldessarri , and Antonio Zaccardi , who after years alongside Enrico Crippa in Alba, inaugurated a new season in his native Puglia.

The triad of Giglio di Lucca, Lorenzo Stefanini , Stefano Terigi and Benedetto Rullo also tread the stage . Among the historic counters of the Vecchia Pescheria there will also be moments dedicated to regional cuisine, both in the more contemporary interpreters such as Gianluca Gorini , Stefano Ciotti and Takahiko Kondo of Osteria Francescana, but also in the best interpreters of classicism such as Claudio Di Bernardo and Emilio Barbieri . Many significant presences from the territory, including Mariano Guardianelli , Luigi Sartini , Omar CasaliDario Picchiotti and Gianluca Esposito . From the low, which embraces the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna, Alessio Malaguti of the ancient Trattoria La Rosa and Daniele Baruzzi . There is also space for pairing with wines in the Enoteca space thanks to the collaboration with the Chef to Chef association and the Wine and Flavors Route of Rimini.

Starred street food for everyone

Between Piazza Cavour and the Giardino delle Mimose starred street food is staged by the sous chefs of Osteria Francescana, Davide and Taka , the Franceschetta58 chef Francesco Vincenzi and the chef Silver Succi : from fried food to sandwiches, all strictly on the go. To enrich the program, the presence at Al Meni of the starred chefs who have been protagonists of Rimini Street Food in recent years: Riccardo Monco of Enoteca Pinchiorri, Franco Pepe of Pepe in Grani, Alessandro Roscioli of Roscioli in Rome, Moreno Cedroni of the Madonnina del Pescatore of Senigallia , Alessandro Negrini of Aimo and Nadia in Milan and Max Masciaof San Domenico di Imola. They have the task of creating a real jam session of food with dishes designed in the morning following the inspiration of shopping among the high quality products of the Slow Food Presidia. In the Rimini area for everyone  in Piazza Cavour you will find Rimini fishermen with their dishes based on fried fish, shrimp skewers and squid.

Market and workshops

Al Meni is also an opportunity to make known the great products of the Region . And so Piazza Cavour turns into a gourmet market where you can find Parmigiano Reggiano, Mora Romagnola cured meats, Piacenza coppa, Culatello di Zibello, Ancient grains of Valmarecchia. Among the stalls there are also producers of honey and fruit, vegetables and biscuits. With them there will be the producers of the truffle of Sant’Agata Feltria, the rice of the Delta and the fruit and vegetables of the territory. The selection of the event is curated by Chef to Chef Emiliaromagnacuochi , in collaboration with Slow Food Emilia Romagna and with the Wine and Flavors Route of Rimini. Slow Food Emilia Romagna also curates a space fortalk about sustainable future gastronomic scenarios . Finally, the traveling labstore of craftsmanship , design and good ideas by Matrioska also returns .

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