Al Mèni 2019: the chefs who will delight Rimini

Al Mèni 2019: the chefs who will delight Rimini

Al Mèni 2019 is upon us: from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd June many chefs from all over the world will follow one another in Rimini.

Here we are. As every year comes the time of Al Mèni , the great food festival in Rimini promoted by Massimo Bottura and organized by Enrico Vignoli. Two days, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd June , where producers, street food, déjeuner sur l’herbe at the Grand Hotel alternate around the large circus tent on Piazza Fellini, where 24 Emilian-Romagna and foreign chefs cook in pairs and the public payer enjoys their creations and close contact.

Italian chefs


Giovanni Passerini and Simone Tondo


We have reached the sixth edition that promises to be among the most stimulating: there are two chefs who are now permanent protagonists, such as Davide Di Fabio who alternates over the years with the other sous chef of the Franciscan, Taka Kondo , in the opening of the dances and Simone Tondo , new Parisian starry from Racines . Next to him the first time of the most famous Italian of the Parisian culinary scene, Giovanni Passerini who will cook next to Franco Cimini , dominus of the legendary Osteria del Mirasole.

And we are curious to taste the dishes they will prepare, perhaps predicting an adequate use of offal. In the field of the Emilians a series of returns: from Rino Duca  – a Sicilian in the Modena area from Grano di Pepe – to Mario Ferrara , king of fish cuisine in his Scacco Matto in Bologna. And then Raffaele Liuzzi , always eccentric in the Locanda that bears his name in Cattolica and Luca Marchini , president of JRE Italy, who continues to develop his research path in his Erba del Re in Modena. But perhaps the most inspiring presence in this category is that of Marco Cavallucci which for almost 20 years has been the protagonist of one of the most famous stories of Italian catering, the Frasca di Castrocaro Terme.

Foreign chefs


dalad kambhu


Never before this year has participation from abroad been multifaceted with chefs who come from various parts of the world and often cook in countries other than those of origin. Like Dalad Kambhu , a Thai who after years spent in the United States moved to Berlin where in Kin Dee, she offers the subtle and elegant version of her country’s cuisine, which immediately earned her a Michelin star. Or Francisco Cardenas , Argentine sous chef at Kadeau in Copenhagen, protagonist of the latest Postrivoro and Jefferson Alvarez , Venezuelan chef in Canada, whose latest experience is that of a philological work on Mexican cuisine from Cocoa to Vancouver.


Jordan Bailey


Speaking of Canada, Colombe Saint Pierre is eagerly awaited, who in her Chez St. Pierre in the small town of Bic, overlooking the Bas-Saint-Laurent estuary in Quebec, has based her success on minimal cooking, just a touch of focus and above all on the sustainability of food. Then again there are those who have returned home after important experiences as Jordan Bailey , for years sous chef of tristellato Norwegian Maaemo, which in its Ireland opened in Kildare, Aimsir, a restaurant where his experience in Nordic cuisine is the basis for revisiting traditional Irish dishes. The same path taken by the couple, also in life, Kim Mikkola and Evelyn Kimwho from Noma returned to Finland in Helsinki, where they created Inari, a restaurant in which the vegetable touch plays a very important role.


Tim Butler


There is also a citizen of the world like Tim Butler , a competitor of Top Chef France who cooks in the family bouchon in Lyon (Marie Victorine Manoa). Finally, we are also waiting for Romain Tischenko , the chef of the most exciting London wine bar Tom Anglesea , and the reference point of the new Albanian cuisine, Bledar Kola . But we will talk about it again with dishes tasted. If you are passing through Rimini, be sure to stop by.

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