Airbnb launches Kitchen Experiences, a new way to travel

Airbnb launches Kitchen Experiences, a new way to travel

The Airbnb hospitality platform has launched the Kitchen Experiences format to let you experience the gastronomic culture on the go.

One click is enough to enrich your tourist experience with another dimension, perhaps the most important: the culinary one. The Cooking Experiences launched by Airbnb have precisely this intent:involve travelers in the local gastronomic culture involve travelers in the gastronomic culture of the chosen place by cooking traditional dishes with the locals. The offer consists of 3,000 recipes to be prepared in 75 different countries , which can be easily booked on the platform. If you think of the classic cooking class in which the most you are asked to passively follow the various stages of preparation, you are wrong: through Airbnb you will sit at the table with the members of a family sharing an informal and enveloping atmosphere.

In the last year, Airbnb recorded a + 160% increase in bookings for food and wine experiences : a symptom that travelers love living their passions through the lens of local cultures.

Without the partnership with Slow Food all this would not have been possible. Airbnb relied on the guidelines developed by the presidium to select the hosts and recipes that best represent the gastronomic heritage of a particular country. This is why of the 3000 experiences, 15 will be hosted directly by the Slow Food community.

If, as good cooking enthusiasts as you are, you are already thinking about how to exploit your talent, know that Airbnb and Slow Food have also thought about this: 100 scholarships will be made available to become a Host : the selected will have the opportunity to participate to a five-day workshop held by international professors and chefs at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. You will understand how to transform your gastronomic knowledge into a real business opportunity and your recipe will be published in the Airbnb cookbook: a volume – available from 2020 – that will collect the best recipes of the community. To apply or refer friends and relatives you will have until 23 December : just visit thesite and tell your family recipe.

To open the dances on the occasion of the launch of the Experiences in the Kitchen will be a special guest: Mara Maionchi – well-known face of the Italian recording world – on 15 December will host 6 guests of the platform in Milan for a lunch made up of recipes and dishes taken from the family menu : you will have the opportunity to try your hand at the preparation and to share the moment of tasting. From 6 December on 6 December you can book here and pay the symbolic price of 1 euro.

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