Airbnb launches Cooking Online Experiences and Cristina Bowerman gives her first lessons

Airbnb launches Cooking Online Experiences and Cristina Bowerman gives her first lessons

Airbnb has launched a platform to learn how to cook from home, but with the advice of famous chefs and international food gurus.

In the beginning it was the houses. Then Airbnb focused on experiences , the true soul of travel. Now that everything is a little more difficult and limited, the new terrain of conquest is the network.after the experiences, airbnb launches cooking classes onlineThis is why the platform launched Cooking Online Experiences , debuting with a bombshell name: that of Cristina Bowerman . During the lockdown we all tried our hand at home-made bread, with more complex recipes, fresh and stuffed pasta, pizza and rice sartù. It may be that all this cooking has triggered in someone the desire to go further, to do something more. Given that live cooking classes still arouse some perplexity, why not take refuge in the videochat platforms to refine the technique with the great chefs? Airbnb now offers an answer to this question.

The Cooking Online Experiencess are virtual cooking lessons held by some of the most important starred chefs and gastronomic gurus on an international level. The names already make you dream: there will be Soo Ahn from the Band of Bohemia restaurant in Chicago, Marc Favier del Marcore from Paris, Alberto Landgraf  from the Oteque restaurant (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Iván Muñoz , from the El Chiròn restaurant (Madrid, Spain) , Pascal Aussignac  of the Club Gascon restaurant (London, United Kingdom), Joachim Koerper  of the Eleven restaurant (Lisbon, Portugal), Malcolm Lee  of the Candlenut restaurant (Singapore), Jun Lee of the Soigné restaurant (Seoul, South Korea).

For Italy , the following were selected: Giuseppe Ianotti , from the Krèsios restaurant (Telese Terme, Benevento), Paolo Gramaglia , from the President restaurant (Pompei), Nicola Dinato , from the Feva restaurant (Venice), Davide Pezzuto , from the D.One restaurant ( Montepagano, Teramo), Andrea Ribaldone , of the Osteria dell’Alborina restaurant (La Morra, Cuneo), Gaetano Trovano , of the Arnolfo restaurant (Siena).

Cristina Bowerman , chef at Glass Hostaria in Rome, will reveal the secrets of haute cuisine and the Roman culinary tradition to the guests. Between seasonal vegetables, fish and seafood, the experience will take shape following the distinctive traits of the chef’s hand. “I was trained around the world and I think traveling is important to discover, learn and enrich yourself through new experiences. I decided to host an Airbnb Online Experience because I think it is important to give everyone – regardless of whether they can travel or not – the opportunity to meet other cultures through this virtual culinary journey that multiplies the opportunities to discover something. new. Airbnb Online Experiences are like the food I prepare: they bring tradition and innovation into dialogue , ”explained Cristina Bowerman. All that remains is to choose your culinary tutelary deity and try, while staying at home, to cook like a chef.

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