After the meat comes the Impossible Fish without fish

After the meat comes the Impossible Fish without fish

After Impossible Meat – with burgers, meatballs and fillets – Impossible Foods and Good Catch offer fish without fish.

In the beginning it was meat without meat , with chicken and pork of vegetable origin. Now it seems that, very soon, we could have fish without fish . Impossible Foods , the Californian company behind the impossible burgers also sold by Burger King,after beef and chicken, impossible foods focuses on fishit is in fact working on a product that will provide a seafood alternative to traditional seafood and fish. The brand new fish-free fish is therefore the next step in the development of plant-based alternatives for all types of food, which the company wants to move forward by 2035. So far, much of Impossible’s work has focused on the biochemistry of the aroma of fish. , which can be reproduced using heme, the same protein used in the non-meat formulation. Over the past month, the company’s R&D team was able to produce a plant-based anchovy-flavored broth for use in a paella.

With 90 percent of the world’s fish stocks depleted, mainly due to overfishing, plant-based or laboratory-derived fish could have the potential to reduce a huge environmental impact. It remains to be seen, however, whether fish without fish will have the same appeal as burgers among consumers. These fake products, the company explains to the New York Times, owe their success in part to the so-called flexitarians , that is, those who want to reduce their consumption of meat without however embracing a vegetarian diet. The flexitariansHowever, they are not necessarily motivated by environmentalist pressures: many are attracted to plant-based meat for its health benefits, rather than the ability to reduce industrial consumption of meat and therefore greenhouse gas emissions.

In any case, Impossible Foods carries on its research at a beating speed. And he is already in good company. It is not in fact the only company that is trying to develop this product. Next to her is Good Catch , another specialist in plant-based foods, who recently started a line of fish-free tuna, available at Whole Foods.

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