Acquolina has a new chef: welcome Daniele Lippi

Acquolina has a new chef: welcome Daniele Lippi

Acquolina restaurant one Michelin star has a new chef is Daniele Lippi. proposes a menu that promises to amaze diners.

Accommodation, hotels, lodges in the center of Rome. Brand new or historic structures that are born and change in line with the needs of this chaotic metropolis. A huge choice if you want to experience the Eternal City enjoying its boundless beauty in highly luxurious structures. We talk about it often, much more frequently now that terraces open up with magnificent views, made of roofs and domes, urban greenery and history.Acquolina has a new Chef: Daniele LippiIt seems clear to us that hotel restaurants are preparing to experience a new golden age. We have already said it and we will repeat it, in case you missed the previous episodes. Let us therefore come to the case of the Hotel  The First Roma Arte , in a side path that inevitably leads from Via di Ripetta to the banks of the Tiber, which houses on the ground floor Acquolina , a restaurant that shines with a star in the sky of the Michelin Guide.

An evocative name: Acquolina tastes of freshness and gluttony, of gastronomic desires to satisfy, of lightness and desire to immerse oneself. A restaurant that, like water, does not want to have a single immutable shape, but wants to bring an experience to be built from time to time starting, obviously, from the limpid identity that only water has. A great resolution, therefore, for an address that is celebrating its first starry decade this year. Always under the watchful eye of the Troiani family , who until recently saw Angelo as the Executive of this kitchen. And who instead now puts the young Daniele Lippi in charge, born in 1990. 29 years of talent and creativity, forged in the Convivio’s cauldron. A talent modeled in these ’10s, an experience that made him a promise kept. The numerous experiences of the young chef who was able to cross the kitchens of restaurants such as Piazza Duomo, Pavillon Ledoyen, Alinea, Lasarte are proof of this. Take note of the beautiful menu he is preparing in these weeks after its official presentation.

The change at the top became necessary after the death of Alessandro Narducci, which happened suddenly in June 2018 following a road accident and is still painful and painful today. And it is from Alessandro’s experience that Daniele now looks to the future, you can see it in his eyes how much this fraternal friendship means to him, you see it stamped on the Acquolina menu that Alessandro dedicates a tasting. Daniele has clear ideas: the first steps of the new Acquolina will be moved in the wake of play, entertainment, imagination, creativity, which you always need to have fun in order to live fully . Alessandro knew it and Daniele wants to reiterate it. And this is how he presents us with dishes that pretend to be what they are not, they do not deceive but amaze. If you have done classical studies, think about how much the ancients enjoyed themselves in front of Plautus’ Menecmas, the purpose is that. If you do not know what I am referring to, think that the dishes are placed in sequence to create a waiting horizon and then disrupt it, enchant the view but then tease you with an unexpected flavor, a masking of reality that invites you to be curious. Excellent conditions and good results that will surely become excellent as soon as the kitchen completes the running-in.

Take this flower (pictured), which you would think is an artichoke. Conditional obligation. An artichoke alla giudia or alla romana. Crunchy with a soft heart. It is the symbolic dish of Lippi’s cuisine but it is not an artichoke, it is a Jerusalem artichoke, blanched and then fried under a cascade of boiling oil. It is good to want more, it loses some of the earthy flavor of the Jerusalem artichoke and is sublimated in the green sauce. This is  Jerusalem artichoke like an artichoke . Then move on to  La scallop is the marrow:  risotto non risotto in two moments, where the yellow rice (as in Milanese risotto) is blown, the delicate scallop replaces the fatty marrow which in turn is served in the shell of the mollusk with a bread crunchy that refers to rice:ring composition some would say. Then we come to  Hoink Hoink  onomatopoeia of the pig verse which presents the eel as if it were a pork cutlet complete with bone, to be extracted before tasting.

The desserts are entrusted to Pastry chef Pier Simone Guarino, who with his Nostalgia  – covered with two bears that conceals a vanilla ice cream and crumbled Oswego under the crunchy chocolate – hits the mark. It closes definitely uphill with the  Chicken curry  (in the photo), in which the Indian recipe becomes a delicious dessert in which the curry is refined by the white chocolate of the fake chicken bone, and the mousses have a clear and vertical persistence, making the definitely happy meal. And you also see Andrea La Caita , General Manager and partner of Acquolina, smile , finally I would add, while talking about this new Acquolina course: “Daniele wants to surprise us”. And we can’t wait for him to do it again, and do it again.

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