A special beer is born from the meeting between Baladin and Marlene Kuntz

A special beer is born from the meeting between Baladin and Marlene Kuntz

Rock’n’Roll Marlene Kuntz is Birra Baladin’s 30th anniversary gift: an American Pale Ale revised for the special edition.

Can you imagine a beer festival, or a simple pub night, without adequate background music? And a concert where only water was served? Impossible! Always beer and rock are inseparable , so much so that some groups in the past have been made to produce a beer official or celebratory. Among the illustrious precedents we cannot help but mention AC / DC, Iron Maiden and Sepultura. Turning our gaze to the Italian scene, the latest news in this sense concerns the meeting between Baladin and Marlene Kuntz : two realities from Cuneo who have left (and continue to do so) an indelible mark in their respective fields.

2019 is the thirtieth year of activity of Cristiano Godano ‘s band , which is why Teo Musso has decided to dedicate a special edition of Rock’n’Roll to him , personalized with new graphics. From the point of view of style, it can be defined as an American Pale Ale but with original characteristics : 7.5 percent alcohol, deep yellow and veiled. The nose alternates peppery and spicy notes with hints of cereals. In the mouth, the sweetness is balanced by spices and hops.

The Rock’n’Roll Marlene Kuntz , produced in 2,000 numbered cans , is available in Baladin premises from 4 October and online on the brewery’s e-commerce site.

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