A Food Forest will be born in Milan with Green Saturdays meals

A Food Forest will be born in Milan with Green Saturdays meals

That’s Vapore, a restaurant chain specializing in natural cuisine, will create a food forest with fruit and wood trees with over 2000 specimens.

A food forest is about to be born in the Parco Nord of Milan . 2000 specimens of fruit trees will be planted ,in Milan, a forest of fruit trees will be born in the northern park thanks to that’s steamfrom wood and medicinal plants by next autumn on a plot of 10,000 square meters. An edible forest  that you can visit freely to find out how to use and cook fruits, berries, buds and leaves and appreciate the cycle of the seasons. That’s Vapore , the Milanese restaurant chain specializing in natural cuisine, makes this dream possible . A company committed to personal care through food and to protecting the environment thanks to green choices: from food forest to biodegradable packaging, from eco-friendly premises to sustainable products, see Rainforest Alliance certified coffee.

Every Saturday starting from 11 July , 50% of the revenues from vegetarian dishes consumed in the restaurantBy consuming a vegetarian dish you will contribute to the purchase of trees for the food forestor ordered with delivery, they will be destined for the planting of the food forest. Hence the name of the initiative: Green Saturdays . ” We designed this initiative to combine the two aspects most dear to us – explains Vanni Bombonato, founder of That’s Vapore – or help people take care of themselves through a natural and balanced diet and, at the same time, help take care all together of the environment in which we live. Green Saturdays are a permanent initiative that in the future will also involve other geographical areas and will come to life in existing and soon to be opened premises “. The adoption of the plants, which will be arranged between October and November, will be possible throughthe portal for crowdfunding reforestation . Donors will be able to participate in the grounding of plants in the autumn , unless otherwise specified for the protection of public health.

It is Etifor , spin-off of the University of Padua, creator of WOWnature,The forest will be able to retain up to 33 kg of CO2 each year and for each plantto take care of the selection of plants. ” The project aims to create a place where people can learn the use in the kitchen of products that derive from our flora such as leaves, berries, seeds, fruits, buds and so on – concludes Lucio Brotto, co-founder of Etifor – with the ‘intent, when the plants have grown enough, to make their products free for all to use with guided experiential and didactic paths. Furthermore, once adult, the planted species are able to retain between 7 and 33 kg of CO2 every year for each plant “. Etifor, thanks to its experience in projects to enhance the forest heritage, has chosen from among the first species called to populate a portion of the Bruzzano park: maple , hawthorn, hornbeam, cherry, ash, wild apple , hazel, wild pear, blackthorn, dog rose , dogwood, oak and lime. Three seasonal routes have been studied (spring, summer and autumn), so that at any time of the year it is possible to discover the history, uses and recipes of the plants present: just point the qr code that appears on the signs inside the area green to know everything about the trees of the food forest.

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