A beer for nudists: in London you can

A beer for nudists: in London you can

The historic pub The Coach and Horses in Soho, London, becomes a pub accessible even to nudists thanks to the tenacity of the owner Alistar Choat.

Lower your inhibitions before drinking a considerable number of beers: in the historic London pub , The Coach & Horses , we start with an advantage.
If until now it was only the beaches that were the pristine and favorite kingdom of nudists, now it will be possible to free yourself from too many clothes and trappings over a nice pint of beer. Of course, getting the license was n’t easy:a London pub becomes accessible to nudiststhe pub’s extravagant owner, Alistar Choat , explained that he had to ask the local authorities for special permission – the same one you get to open private rooms for adults – so that bartenders and customers could undress inside. All, of course, managed with a minimum of regulation: you cannot enter the room already naked , but any nudity must be pre-ordered, consensual and occur on specific occasions. It is therefore thanks to Choat’s resourcefulness that today the concession has been fully approved, guaranteeing a completely independent management of the venue without interference by alcohol chains widespread in the city.

Actually that was to be expected. The Coach & Horses is a real London institution that opened its doors in 1847 immediately distinguishing itself for its innovative and unconventional character: let’s remember that it was the first vegetarian pub in London , which perhaps makes it even more transgressive than the opening for nudists. Choat took over the reins of the pub in 2006 and after obtaining the license and enjoying resounding success from the first nudist patrons, he realized that much more could be done. This is how the nudist charity calendar initiative , The Beauty and the Beasts of Soho, was born, at a cost of £ 20 – to be donated to the St Mungo charity – in which each month is dedicated to the regulars of the pub completely naked.

But it doesn’t end there, because as he revealed to CNN Travel, they are planning several nudist events , including a naked night , to accommodate the many requests from all over the world. It seems, in fact, that since he launched the calendar, Choat has been inundated with calls to promote and extend this original London reality even further. In short, the request is there, the enthusiasm too, all that remains is to ride the wave of this desire for freedom and take our hand. After all, taking up the words of Chat: ” Like a band that plays live without being too interesting: after a while it becomes background “.

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