9 things to do (in the kitchen) before leaving

9 things to do (in the kitchen) before leaving

Are you preparing to leave for the long-awaited holidays? There are 9 things to do in the kitchen before you close your front door and leave.

You count the days – still a few! – that separate you from the long-awaited (this year really) summer holidays ? If you’ve already mentally packed your bags, checked things to buy, fixed the latest work deadlines, you should still add these 9 things to do in the kitchen to your pre-departure list , before finally closing the house and enjoying a well-deserved rest. .


  1. Consume what you have . By evaluating the missing time individually, try in any case not to spend too much, especially in terms of fresh food. Above all, consume what you already have and which is approaching its expiry, so as to arrive close to departure with the fridge practically empty.
  2. Cook & freeze . What you cannot consume, but destined to spoil, simply cook it. Then let it cool and finally put it back in the freezer. You will find an extra supply for the next quick meal and you will not have wasted good resources yet.
  3. Check the pantry . A tour of the shelves and doors will give you the measure of how many packages of dry – pasta, rice, flour – you have already opened over time. Well, in this case, close them carefully, perhaps pouring the contents into airtight glass jars. You will avoid finding the kitchen invaded by butterflies or ants when you return. For some products, consider vacuum packing, it can help you.
  4. Wash the fridge . Taking advantage of having emptied it and in order to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and molds, about to leave dedicated to a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator. It is always a good idea, not only for your health, but also for the appliance itself. Once cleaned, in fact, it could remain so for almost 2 months. And if you have completely emptied it, you can also unplug it and turn it off completely, saving on your next bill. How do you clean the fridge? We explained it to you here .
  5. Defrost the freezer . Hand in hand with the previous task is the freezer defrost operation. Boring, as it is fundamental, it is another necessary moment before leaving, especially if you have decided to unplug as many appliances as you can. To avoid finding puddles of water all over the kitchen, arm yourself with a little patience, a flat wooden scoop and a bowl and maybe help yourself with a dedicated spray. Above all, prepare yourself for the rest of the year for this moment, trying to make the freezer make as little ice as possible.
  6. Clean the stove . Go to the stove and take apart the individual burners. Since they are enameled, you can wash the flame-spreader plates quite easily in the dishwasher, while the burners, especially if made of aluminum, it would be good to pass them by hand, cleaning between the parts even with the help of a toothpick if necessary. While you’re at it, always with a toothpick, take a gentle turn along the hob seal: you’ll find you’ve never really cleaned your kitchen counter.
  7. Under the sink cap . The occasion is too tempting not to look even under the sink cap. Or rather, right on the bottom of the drain, perhaps by unscrewing it and checking if any food residues lurk. Better still by emptying the siphon and cleaning that directly. These are all operations that normally should be done once every 2-3 months, but which in the face of an imminent departure are necessary to avoid returning and being faced with nauseating odors of decomposition.
  8. Take out the garbage . If you say decomposition you say garbage. The evening before leaving, throw out all the garbage, regularly sorted, without forgetting anything. Do not leave plastic, if you still make it, just because “it is plastic ”: if what you have thrown away has not been properly rinsed (and sometimes even that is not enough) it will tend to stink as the days go by. The same goes for paper, especially for tetrapak, perhaps that of milk.
  9. Turn off the gas . Golden rule of every exit from home, it is even more valid in case of prolonged periods outside the home. Close the single tap, the one that reaches the stove and, if it is not a problem for the boiler and you have turned off that too, consider closing the control unit as well. Before leaving, try to start a spark of a fire, to understand if the gas has stopped arriving correctly.

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