What is the pub crawl, and why it will be banned

What is the pub crawl, and why it will be banned

The pub crawl is a very popular practice among tourists which consists of the alcoholic tour of the clubs of a city: we explain how it works and the rules.

In Rome, the latest urban police regulation categorically bans them: absolute ban on the organization and sponsorship of pub crawls , alcoholic tours among beer halls, pubs and wine bars that are very fashionable, especially among tourists. But just do a quick Google search to understand that, despite everything, organizing or participating in one of these nocturnal itineraries between one pub and another, gulping down as many drinks as possible, is still quite simple. In fact, pub crawls appeal not only to foreigners, but also to natives.

How does it work

Following a map of clubs , the most popular as possible, we usually walk to raise the elbow as far as the liver allows. Perhaps on the occasion of birthdays, hen / stag parties, promotional parties or simply to enjoy the nightlife of the place. It can also be organized as a theme party. Usually, for all these meetings, with the same purpose: to get out of it dead drunk. Participating is quite simple if you rely on some tour operator who has already chosen the standard price route (20, 30, 40 euros) and entrusts you with a guide, but the organization can also be do-it-yourself. Just plan carefully by choosing the type of drink you want to sip – avoid mixing is the first rule of the good drinker . not to feel bad – then evaluate which are the right bars to visit.


According to the unwritten rules of this ethyl sport ( crawl , in Italian, identifies the free style of swimming) you have to choose places not too far from each other, to be able to move smoothly.there are apps to organize your own alcoholic tourIn this programming even some apps help you: Pub Crawl Planner , for example, asks you to enter the number of participants, the time, the day and the number of places to visit to create a ready-to-use pdf of the road map to share with all other users. The same goes for PubRally , while Bar Crawl Nation indicates the closest organized events on the map. Furthermore, it seems to be a good rule to worry about the hangover right away: therefore, foresee how everyone can safely return home , in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. Whether it is by public transport, with a hired minibus or through car sharing services, moving in advance seems to be almost a must.

In any case, the pub crawl is not an activity to be taken lightly . If the city regulations intended to prohibit them, the reason is clear and sacrosanct. In addition to a health problem, trying to save the liver and brain, there is also a problem of personal and other safety. In fact, it is not unusual, for example, to run into hordes of boys, even minors, who have come out of an evening full of the worst drunk.

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