7 tips for a barbecue without health risks

7 tips for a barbecue without health risks

The barbecue is a cross and a delight of the summer, especially if the risks are not taken into account: we give you 7 useful tips to make it flawless.

In the summer season, thanks to the good weather, there are more opportunities for outdoor barbecues in the company of friends. Certainly a symbol of aggregation and celebration, grilling , despite being considered healthy because it does not contain seasonings, can hide some pitfalls due to high temperatures that can lead to the formation of carcinogenic and harmful substances. In reality, it is enough to know and put into practice some simple tricks to avoid the unwanted effects of the bbq and make it as tasty and healthier as possible .


  1. Choose the least fat cuts: the formation of harmful substances is greater in the case of fatty foods since the droplets of fat that fall into the fire generate a smoke rich in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, harmful compounds which, spreading through the smoke, are deposited on the food . To look after your health, you may therefore prefer to use lean meat and avoid high-fat varieties such as pork ribs or sausages.
  2. Remember that not only can meat be grilled: in addition to meat, fish also tastes great when grilled, and it also produces fewer toxic amines during cooking. Not only that: among the foods that you can grill, let’s not forget the vegetables, rich in fiber and antioxidants and therefore allies of health.
  3. Don’t forget the marinade: the fish or meat to be cooked can be previously marinated using spices, herbs, lemon juice and garlic. It is a very effective method to reduce the appearance of harmful substances  and which helps to reduce the risks for a protective effect.
  4. Use the right seasonings: seasoning grilled meat with herbs and spices is very useful for our health, as these contain antioxidants that reduce the formation and counteract the action of carcinogenic substances.
  5. Limit your exposure to smoke: prefer not too long cooking on the grill, thus avoiding the formation of clearly burnt parts on the food. Furthermore, a trick to further reduce cooking times is to cut the meat into small pieces, which may then be used to prepare skewers. Turning the meat frequently during cooking is also a risk-reducing procedure.
  6. Use the right wood: in particular it is good to choose charcoal from hard woods, which burn at lower temperatures. 
  7. Clean the grids well: at the end of the barbecue always remember to eliminate the residues that remain attached which have the highest concentration of carcinogens and which would adhere to new foods, altering their characteristics and safety

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