7 remedies to remove burnt food from pots and pans

7 remedies to remove burnt food from pots and pans

If you have forgotten the pot on the stove and everything has stuck to it, we suggest 7 foolproof ways to get rid of burnt food.

Taken from a thousand commitments, you put the pot on the fire, the things to cook, you got distracted and you burned food and pan . A simple case above all? The saucepan of milk, which made you that ugly dark and smelly crust on the bottom that seems impossible to remove. Before using elbow grease and steel wool – an infallible method for bringing pots of the same material back to shine – you can try a whole series of other precautions, but also arm yourself with a good dose of patience.


  1. Soaking . If the damage is not incalculable, a good technique is to soak the pot even with simple hot water, which will help the crust to soften and make it easier to take it away later. Soaking times cannot be calculated, in the sense that each case has its own. A good trick is to add some dish soap as well, the surfactants of which will contribute to the cause.
  2. Soapy water and then on the stove . The next natural step is to put the offending pot or pan back on the heat with a couple of fingers of hot water and a little soap. The main thing is to cover all the burned parts. So, you have to light the fire – low this time, for heaven’s sake – and wait for time to do the rest. Once a few minutes have passed from boiling, turn off, let it cool and begin to take away the burned parts. The method may take multiple steps, don’t despair.
  3. Degreaser . A leading product for cleaning in the kitchen, the degreaser is also useful in this case. It is useful for a pure or diluted soak, depending on the dirt we try to take away. Just spray the pot copiously – with all due respect to the ecologists – and leave it to decant even all night, if you have time. Or, alternatively, spray by diluting with water and bringing to a boil again to speed up the time.
  4. Lemon . Among the grandmother’s methods is the lemon, which together with the water brought to the boil again will help to dissolve and descale the burnt. Once the pot has been removed from the heat, you can also add some baking soda and let it rest for half an hour. Then start scraping with an abrasive sponge, if the material of the pan allows it.
  5. Vinegar and baking soda . The panacea for all ills in the house is the mix of vinegar and baking soda. Pour some water directly into the pot along with half a glass of vinegar. Let it act for about ten minutes, then turn it back on under the gas. At the beginning of the boil, add half a glass of bicarbonate, which will react with the vinegar producing a foam capable of detaching the burnt residues. Calculate the spaces well: the reaction is immediate and the foam could escape and dirty all the stoves.
  6. Salt and water . The mix of water and coarse salt works more or less with the same logic. Pour some lukewarm water on the bottom of the pan and cover with salt. Leave for a couple of hours and, every 30 minutes, add lemon or vinegar. Then rinse everything and with a sponge or steel wool remove the remaining residues.
  7. Sparkling cola . It’s a perfect method for saving ceramic or earthenware pans. Just pour the drink, rich in phosphoric acid, and arm yourself with a toothbrush like the one you usually use to clean your nails. By putting the pot back on the heat, over low heat, just start scrubbing to see how the dirt will begin to go away. In the case of a more stubborn burn, the cola must be left to act for at least half an hour before starting to work, in several steps. Be patient.

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