6 ways to use extra virgin olive oil in desserts

6 ways to use extra virgin olive oil in desserts

Extra virgin olive oil is a precious ingredient that isn’t limited to savory dishes: here are 6 ways different chefs have used it for desserts.

It is the liquid gold of the Mediterranean , at least that is how Homer called it in ancient times. Like a bolt of lightning, the extra virgin olive oil , flowing from the hills of the boot, waters the Italian tables, filling them with well-being. Well being?some chefs have also introduced the use of extra virgin olive oil in the production of dessertsOf course, extra virgin olive oil has an antihypertensive, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-heart disease, anti-lipid action … Anti-lipid? As the experts say ” the consumption of olive oil by itself, regardless of the phenolic content, modifies the fatty acid composition of LDL, significantly increasing their content in oleic and palmitic acids, thus making them less vulnerable to oxidation mediated by free radicals and consequently reducing their atherogenicity “. But the experts do not know that some crazy chefs have introduced the use of extra virgin olive oil even in that realm that has little or no anti-lipid: they have introduced the use of extra virgin olive oil in desserts.. From breakfast biscuits to snack cakes to pre-desserts and desserts to be enjoyed at the end of a dinner, extra virgin olive oil has, step by step, dispersed its nutritional properties among sugars, fats and starches.


  1. tomate-y-cocoa-coffee-sicilyIt starts with breakfast: almond milk, coffee granita, or almond granita, and then what? Shortbread biscuits with lemon, chestnut, cocoa strictly with extra virgin olive oil and wholemeal flour. This is the breakfast par excellence at Caffè Sicilia in Noto where the least sweet pastry chef in Italy, Corrado Assenza , prepares cannoli, brioche, granitas, ice cream and cakes that tell the scents of the largest island in Italy. And in fact, for those who want a more demanding breakfast with extra virgin olive oil, there is an embarrassment of choice: from the basic shortcrust cakewith apricots, Roman almond from Noto, basil, orange blossom honey, pink grapefruit jam, Sarawak black pepper, Navelli saffron and of course extra virgin olive oil, to the coldest and most shocking Tomate Y Cacao , a cake- Multilayer ice cream in which the tomato ice cream with Aquila saffron and Furgentini extra virgin olive oil is contrasted by the cocoa ice cream with cocoa bean grains, anchovies and Tahitian vanilla and on top, to combine everything, a jelly of tomato water, Noto almond emulsion and wild oregano.
  2. butter-veganAnd from breakfast we move on to the afternoon snack. What’s better than a slice of donut rich in butter? Nothing, if you eat it in winter. But in the summer, how do you make up for the scorching heat that melts even the most indefatigable statues? Thinking about it is Omar Busi of the Omar pastry shop in Pieve di Cento in the province of Bologna who created Vegan Butter , a compound based on extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, sugar syrup and salt of the same consistency as butter that can be used in its replacement in any baked cake. He, for example, adopts it in the carrot and almond cake .
  3. MacaronAnd if you don’t like a slice of cake, there’s always room for a macaron. And in particular, there is always room for the macaron with extra virgin olive oil and wild fennel by Francesca Castignani from the La Belle Hélène pastry shop in Tarquinia. The influence of the famous French master Pierre Hermé made her passionate about the world of macarons, similar macaroons made with almond flour and egg white to be filled with the most varied ganaches. Francesca prepares a white chocolate and extra virgin olive oil that enriches with wild fennel and black olives, for a contrast between sweet and salty, bitter and spicy that is not at all obvious.
  4. At dinner, in Italy at least, extra virgin olive oil is eaten a lot but usually its presence disappears when the sautéed vegetables accompanying the steak disappear. But no, in some restaurants it goes as far as dessert. In Rome, at Osteria 140 , a round of Lei Grossa di Cassano extra virgin olive oil from Azienda Agricola Doria, with a strong hint of tomato, ends the scoop of vanilla fiordilatte ice cream with basil extract and Maldon salt served as a pre-dessert.
  5. And again in Frascati, at the brand new F’orme , chef Alberto Mereu surprises with a creamy 80% dark chocolate from Callebaut, cinnamon flavored spice bread, cloves, star anise, nutmeg, orange honey and chestnut, Maldon salt and obviously a drizzle of oil, poured directly in front of the customer.
  6. mousse-olive-oil-chocolate-and-saltIt is not a delicate oil, but an intense fruity one, just like the one used by Trattoria Pennestri , a modern tavern in the Ostiense area. Here too, the Italian-Danish chef Tommaso Pennestri combines the dark chocolate mousse with salt and extra virgin olive oil . In place of spice bread, however, crunchy sheets of carasau bread appear, evoking the traditional millefeuille and the children’s snack par excellence: bread and chocolate.

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