6 unusual ways to taste grapes, queen of autumn

6 unusual ways to taste grapes, queen of autumn

Grapes are among the symbolic fruits of autumn and are good in both sweet and savory recipes: here are some combinations you may not have thought of.

It is considered by many to be the symbolic fruit of autumn and Italy is among the largestEach grain is a concentrate of taste and nutrientsworldwide producers: we refer to grapes , of course. It is good, it is beautiful, each grain is a concentrate of taste and beneficial substances. In the kitchen it reveals its extreme versatility , becoming the protagonist of numerous desserts but also of first and second courses and salads . Certain combinations are quite well known, think for example of those with veal or pork , with gorgonzola and cheeses in general. Others, however, are unknown to most. Unpredictable and, we guarantee, surprising. Let’s find out together.


  1. Mortadella. The flavors are different but blend harmoniously , creating a sort of continuity that results in great delicacy. You can prepare simple skewers, perhaps adding cubes of semi-hard cheese such as Edamer, or try a decidedly unusual sandwich .
  2. Lentils . Do you want to enrich and liven up your lentil dish? Then all you have to do is add some zibibbo grapes cut in half and deprived of seeds. Among other things, both lentils and grapes are among the lucky foods to be consumed on New Year’s Eve, in both cases the unexpected arrival of money is favored. “ Whoever eats grapes for New Year – says an old adage – counts the money all year round ”.
  3. Swordfish. Here is another winning combination . Contrary to what some might think, grapes do not cover the flavor of swordfish , on the contrary it enhances it . Cook the latter in a saucepan containing olive oil and white wine, add the berries after a few minutes (no more than 7-8) and let the sauce shrink. Not much, though.
  4. Porcini mushrooms.  Time of grapes , but also mushroom time: why not combine the two ingredients to get a first unusual and refined ? Just fry some chopped onion in a pan, add chopped porcini mushrooms and a few berries divided in two. Ten / fifteen minutes and the sauce for the tagliatelle is ready. Grapes and porcini together are also excellent for risotto, try it!
  5. Sausage ragout. The ragù must be prepared as usual, it does not change anything; simply, after allowing the wine to evaporate a little, add the grapes and maybe even a small dose of thyme. The pasta format? You can choose it.
  6. Quinoa.  The next time you crave quinoa , try flavoring it with white grapes and pomegranate or red grapes and chickpeas or, third option, with grapes, nuts and chicken.

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