50 Best Home Comforts: the cuisine of great chefs in your home

50 Best Home Comforts: the cuisine of great chefs in your home

The best chefs in the world have brought together their home recipes in a book for The World’s 50 Best: the proceeds will go to support the sector.

The title already makes you want to cook. It’s called Home Comforts , the e-cookbook just launched by the 50 Best world , as part of the 50 Best for Recovery initiatives to help the restaurant world. In fact, the proceeds from the book will be donated to initiatives in support of the recovery of the sector strongly affected by the Coronavirus emergency. The full title explains what it is: “ Simple recipes from the lockdown of the best chefs and bartenders in the world” .

Comfort kitchen

What does Elena Arzak cook for dinner for her family? For lunch, how does Massimo Bottura prepare pasta when he’s at home? How do you make Thomas Keller’s BLT Sandwich in the kitchen of your apartment? The book contains 50 comfort recipes made by the best chefs in the world Even the chefs stayed at home rediscovering home recipesand taken from their newspaper during the lockdown. These are combined with 25 cocktail recipes made by some of the bartenders of the ranking. An idea born from the observation of what was happening: like everyone, in many parts of the world, even the chefs have been forced home in recent months and many have responded to the period of forced inactivity and closure of the premises, rediscovering their own heritage of home recipes , having fun in the kitchen, this time only for your family. In short, we felt they were closer to us, because it was exactly what we all did in the days of the long quarantine (which unfortunately for some countries is still not over, in different ways and times). The book can be purchased on the sitestarting from a minimum donation of 10 dollars (just over 8 euros).

Challenge in the kitchen and on Instagram

But it doesn’t stop there. Because together with the recipe book, the Instagram challenge # 50BestRateMyPlate is also launched, inviting cooking enthusiastsThe winner will receive two tickets for the 2021 edition in Antwerpto create dishes inspired by Home Comforts and post them on social networks with the initiative’s hashtag. Every week, and until July 20, 50 Best will choose the top 3 and share them on his profile , followed by 1.1 million followers who will vote for their favorite. The winner of the week will have the opportunity to be judged by a panel of 50 Best chefs towards the end of August. In the end, the absolute best will receive 2 VIP tickets to attend the next edition of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony in Antwerp, Flanders, in 2021. The book launch coincides with the Bid for Recovery auction initiative. which offered up various gastronomic experiences around the world and unique objects linked to the most important names in world gastronomy.

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