5 wines you should taste according to Gambero Rosso

5 wines you should taste according to Gambero Rosso

After the presentation of Gambero Rosso’s Tre Bicchieri 2018 guide in Naples, we have chosen 5 wines that we think you should absolutely taste.

Great success at the Neapolitan presentation of the Tre Bicchieri 2018 awarded by Gambero Rosso . A large turnout at Palazzo Caracciolo during the evening dedicated to award-winning wines, attended by both sommeliers and wine enthusiasts.the guide that indicates the labels worthy of being really rememberedIn the sector, that of the Gambero is considered one of the most important guides, the one that best indicates the labels worthy of being remembered. The winning labels, of course, were accompanied by as many gastronomic excellences, such as Massimiliano and Daniele Malafronte’s bread and panettone, Sogni di Latte’s cheeses, Michele Croccia’s pizzas, Mario Di Costanzo’s desserts, Marco C’s chocolates. . Merola, by Hackert in Caserta, the new award-winning Tre Chicchi and Tre Tazzine according to the Gambero Rosso Bar d’Italia guide and the pizza with porchetta in potato crust by the young Di Lelio brothers of Pizzeria Sancho in Fiumicino, new Tre Rotelle award in Gambero Rosso 2018 Pizzerie d’Italia guide. Among the protagonists also Pietro Parisi of the Era Ora restaurant in Palma Campania. But here are the five wines among the Tre Bicchieri of 2018 that you should absolutely taste .


  1. malvasiaMalvasia by Damijan Podversic 2013 : Friuli Venezia Giulia for 2018 will be remembered above all for the white. Among these in particular the Malvasia of the Podversic company, a very interesting wine especially for those who have never had the opportunity to taste it. Elegance combined with power is the element that characterizes it, together with an aromatic bouquet that conquers the nose.
  2. the favatiPietramara di I Favati 2016 : ladies and gentlemen, here is the white of the year, Mr. Pietramara from the company I Favati, branded 2016, a Mr. Fiano from Avellino. For many present even to be considered the best Fiano in circulation. Like all wines of this type, it is always necessary to see how it will behave as an adult, the fact is that already after a year of life it has given the maximum of its expression to receive such an important recognition. Because Campania, as we know, is a region with great potential that hardly manages to disappoint in terms of wine.
  3. dsc_0871-333x500Salmariano di Marotti Campi 2014 : there are many family-run companies in the Marche region that are slowly bringing this region to the fore. One of these is the Marotti Campi winery awarded for its 2014 Salmariano, which once again confirms the great personality of its wines. A somewhat complicated vintage that of 2014, but which did not negatively affect the yield, giving a boost of freshness to the wine, thanks to the great experience of the producer.
  4. barone pizziniNaturae di Barone Pizzini 2013 : today Franciacorta is one of the emblems of Italian wine history. All this is the result of a long work of quality and communication matured over the years, which has made this region, until a few years ago obscured by the eternal comparison with Champagne, one of the greatest references in the world of wine. Today many prizes are received, thanks to companies such as Barone Pizzini, with a remarkably savory brut sparkling wine that goes well with fish dishes.
  5. aloisCaiatì by Michele Alois 2015 : it is the most social wine ever met before. We are talking about Caiatì by Michele Alois which lately is often seen around because, as they say in Naples, it is a wine that is brought , in short, trendy, among lovers of the sector. But in addition to being social, it is also an interesting wine. Pallagrello bianco is a rediscovered native vine, difficult to make wine. But, despite this, it can give whites of great pleasantness and brightness.

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