5 things we learned about the Scirocco Wine Fest

5 things we learned about the Scirocco Wine Fest

The Scirocco Wine Fest is the Sicilian event that starting from wine wants to create bridges between different but closely connected cultures of the Mediterranean.

“ The sirocco is one of the most beautiful moments that can be granted to man, as the inability to move in those days leads you to stand still and contemplate a stone for three hours, before a breeze arrives. The sirocco gives you this possibility of contemplation, of thinking about things “. With these words the Sicilian writer Andrea Camilleri describes the warm wind that blows from the south and touches the Mediterranean countries. The wine produced in these countries unites and unites peoples and cultures and is the protagonist of the Scirocco Wine Fest , the review promoted by the Cantine Ermes – Tenute Orestiadi Group, one of the most representative realities among the Sicilian wineries. We went to Gibellina, in the province of Trapani, for the third edition of the event and here are 5 things we learned:


  1. Gibellina. The city of Gibellina is an en plein air museum of contemporary architecture thanks to the intuition of the former mayor Ludovico Corrao who, after the devastating earthquake of 1968, involved several world-famous artists such as Pietro Consagra and Alberto Burri in the reconstruction. The latter created the Great Cretto , one of the greatest works of landscape art in the world. And then there is the Museum of Mediterranean Plotsof the Orestiadi Foundation, inside the Baglio Di Stefano, whose granary houses one of the most important contemporary art collections in Italy, with works that testify the contribution made by artists to the reconstruction of Gibellina. You can admire the Souvenir installation by Francesco Impellizzeri, the exhibitions by Rachid Korachi, Dan Iroaie, Eugenio Tagliavia and the Salt Mountain by Mimmo Paladino, a scenography created for the 1990 Orestiadi, a true masterpiece of the master of the Italian Transavanguardia. ” Gibellina, a place of art and culture – says the Mayor Salvatore Sutera –it is the perfect setting to host an event such as the Scirocco Wine Fest which aims to be an opportunity to discover this wonderful territory and its rich artistic and cultural heritage “. The Festival is part of the wider Destination Gibellina program , whose goal is to build bridges between cultures that are close to each other and intimately connected. Starting from wine, therefore, we touch on those that are the cornerstones of life linked to the Scirocco: forms of art, traditions, eco-sustainability and agriculture. An opportunity for comparison and growth, starting from the common denominator that characterizes the Mediterranean area, conquering cultures and religions: the Scirocco .
  2. Festival. The symbol of the initiative is precisely the sirocco, the wind that represents the mare Nostrum as a red thread that unites the peoples who live it and permeates the cultures that are affected by it. For four days the Scirocco Wine Fest animated the city of Gibellina with wine tastings and gastronomic specialties from 7 Mediterranean countries (France, Spain, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Italy and Malta), masterclasses , cooking challenges, cooking shows , but also shows and meetings dedicated to the art and culture of wine. ” The project was born three years ago – declares Rosario Di Maria , president of the Cantine Ermes group –with the desire to continue on the path of culture and dialogue already traced by Ludovico Corrao, but in a new perspective, absolutely consistent with the national identity, made up of the link with our land and obviously, of wine. So we came up with the idea of ​​creating a festival focused on wine, experienced as a common thread between the Mediterranean countries, united by the Scirocco, with the ultimate goal of keeping Gibellina a cultural center at an international level and enhancing a product with incredible power. aggregating like wine “.
  3. Wine. Promoted by the Cantine Ermes – Tenute Orestiadi group, the event amalgamates, with wisdom, the Mediterranean soul, the art and culture of wine, the gastronomic tradition of the area and entertainment. The protagonist of the Scirocco Wine Fest is undoubtedly the wine, the fruit of love for nature and traditions , which comes from the countries lapped by the Mare Nostrum, uniting peoples and cultures, becoming the only denominator of the three days of conviviality and sharing. Also in this third edition the square of Gibellina hosted the expo-village dedicated to wine, agri-food and local crafts. The wines of seven guest countries of the exhibition will be tasted : France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey,combined with many Mediterranean specialties .
  4. Food. Among the novelties of this year, the partnership with Sanlorenzo Mercato di Palermo which oversaw the food part of the Festival. For the occasion, the market shops interpreted the dishes of the countries bordering the Mediterranean, translating the philosophy of the Scirocco Wine Fest to the dishes offered to the public. “ We used food as a cultural glue between the towns – says Gaetano Lombardo of Sanlorenzo Mercato – with the aim to show how easy it is for a place devoted to Sicilianity, such as Sanlorenzo Mercato, to be able to offer dishes from other Mediterranean countries, precisely by virtue of the contaminations that have already existed for centuries in our territorial cuisine. So we didn’t have to invent anything, just small adaptations to the dishes by exploiting the influences of other cultures “. Among the dishes to be tasted: pasta with sardines (Italy), paella (Spain), fried cheese coppo (France), fried paranza tile (Malta), couscous (Tunisia), kebab (Turkey) and souvlaki stick (Greece).
  5. The Mediterranean vineyard. During the final evening of the third edition of the Scirocco Wine Fest, Rosario Di Maria, president of the Cantine Ermes group, announced that Tenute Orestiadi will donate a vineyard to the city of Gibellina in memory of Ludovico Corrao . The Moscato grapes grown will come from different areas of the Mediterranean: each row a different country which, in the name of Ludovico Corrao and in continuity with his work, wants to launch a message of encounter, dialogue and sharing among the peoples of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean vineyardwill be built near the Botanical Garden, where the installation that in the days of the Scirocco Wine Fest will be placed in the square of Gibellina, depicting the logo of the event: three glasses of different colors that intersect each other. “ Through the Scirocco wind and the wine of seven Mediterranean countries – said Rosario Di Maria on the stage of the event – we want to launch, from Gibellina, a bridge over the Mare Nostrum to create dialogue, openness and exchange. We are satisfied with this project which, once again, celebrated wine as a unifying force and a symbol of intercultural dialogue “.

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