5 reasons to participate in Teruar in Scicli

5 reasons to participate in Teruar in Scicli

Teruar in Scicli, from 17 to 20 May, is the first fair of ethical wine in eastern Sicily: we give you 5 excellent reasons to participate in the event.

There are now a few days to go until Teruar 2019 , the first natural wine fair organized in eastern Sicily . The event, scheduled from 17 to 20 May at the former Convent of Carmine (Piazza Busacca, Scicli ),one of the two most important events on natural wine in Sicilyit is organized and promoted by the Arsura – Sete Etica cultural association. “ Two years ago – declares Giuseppe Fiorilla, creator of Teruar together with Pietro Russino, Bartolo Finielli and Ignazio Fiorilla – it was just an idea told between friends over a glass of wine, obviously natural. Today Teruar – Ethical Wine Fair is a reality capable of conveying various needs within it with a common denominator: an ethically conscious production in respect of nature and far from the logic of the market. Thanks to the network of artisans of wine, bread, artists and farmers, which we have created, today Teruar stands, together with NOT – Review of the Frankish wines of Palermo, as one of the two most important events of natural wine, able to overcome the island and national borders“. Here are 5 things to know about Teruar:


  1. Participants . The  Teruarists , as the organizers call them, are driven by the need to escape from intensive and invasive agricultural models, to move towards a product that is characterized as a food that respects nature and that was born for a sustainable agricultural-cultural and artistic process, fruit of a model of agriculture based on an evolutionary and not merely economic productive approach, where evolution means adaptation to natural phenomena and not opposition to them.
  2. Association . The  Arsura – Sete Etica association , promoter of Teruar, was born with the specific aim of promoting a new philosophy that wants to return to simple things , to a more human and less artificial relationship with nature, so that between the two main actors in life, Man and Nature, that symbiotic, intimate and original connection that has lasted since the dawn of time is re-established.
  3. Name . The name of the fair derives from the French terroir , a word that cannot be translated into Italian, but which indicates the set of natural, territorial and good practices factors implemented by a viticulture craftsman in the cultivation of his land. The pronunciation of the French word, in Sicily, takes on a much harder sound, which also intensifies its meaning. Teruar, through the promotion of the culture of natural wine and, at the same time, of the agricultural and artisan traditions typical of the territories of origin of the wines and of the invited companies, becomes an opportunity to enhance the Italian territory and its many complexities.
  4. Place . For a unique event, an equally extraordinary place was needed such as the former Convent of Carmine in Scicli , the pearl of Sicilian Baroque, to frame the stands of 30 winemakers who will present their labels and 20 wineries for tasting, as well as a series of masterclasses and seminars, on 18 and 19 May, in the name of Teruar’s philosophy.
  5. Program . The event is divided into two moments: from 17 to 19 May the opening to the public; Monday 20 May, however, the day dedicated to professionals. The fair program is rich and intense, divided into seminars, masterclasses, tastings and moments designed for the little ones. From a journey to discover six Malvasia with NEMO never ending malvasia odysseyand Paolo Tegoni at a meeting dedicated to Liguria, its native vines and the wines of Walter de Battè of Primaterra Wine Cinque Terre; passing through two tastings in the company of Giorgio Fogliani: the first is a journey back in the history of Marsala wine, the second an immersion in the great reds born on the northern side of Etna. To these is added the in-depth round table, curated by Davide Cicciarella, on the new Sicilian bread, in the name of the rediscovery and reuse of old crops of wheat and minor cereals, the organic and natural techniques with which they are grown and the methods of sustainable and less invasive processing applied. Sustainability, ethics and the environment: these are the themes of the meeting with Lorenzo Cannella who will pull the strings on the ideas and founding philosophy of Teruar. The meeting aims to create awareness on contemporary problems and find solutions that can be implemented and the courage necessary to make these changes. To these are added a series ofworkshops for children thanks to which Teruar confirms its uniqueness, drawing the attention of a varied public, a lover of good drinking, who wants to discover a wine produced in respect of nature as an expression of the territory in which it grows and of the non-invasive work of the winemaker , a wine in which the consumer finds authenticity and a variety of flavors and aromas that are not predetermined or predictable.

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