5 Campania wines to combine with traditional Neapolitan Christmas dishes

5 Campania wines to combine with traditional Neapolitan Christmas dishes

Accompanying the dishes on the menu with good wine is a must: here are 5 Campania labels to combine with traditional Neapolitan Christmas dishes.

In Naples the traditions are important, especially the culinary ones, at Christmas even more. We prepare for days, some weeks in advance to draw up the menu, which in the end remains the same every year. But it is essential to think of everything, check every detail, make sure that everyone, including family and friends, is satisfied and has honored the Christmas holidays in the right way. To make everything even more special, it is also important to accompany the dishes with good wine, perhaps choosing Made in Naples labels , to enhance the metropolitan and neighboring vineyards. Let’s try to show you five wines to combine with traditional Neapolitan dishes .


  1. ottouve-gragnanoGragnano della Penisola Sorrentina Ottouve 2016 by Salvatore Martusciello:  if we talk about red wine in Naples, we automatically think of Gragnano from the Sorrento peninsula. If you want to make the right pairing with escarole pizza , whether you eat it on Christmas Eve, for lunch or dinner, it doesn’t matter, Salvatore Martusciello’s Gragnano Ottouve suits us perfectly. You need liveliness, liveliness, to degrease the lard present in the pizza dough.
  2. eye-delago-the-sibylCampi Flegrei Falanghina Cruna Delago 2015 The Sibyl:  the spaghetti with clams , or with seafood, is the first course of excellence that is eaten on Christmas Eve night. In combination, in this case, a Falanghina is a must that brings the mind back to the sea, as savory as sea salt. This task can easily be carried out by the Falanghina Cruna Delago 2015 of La Sibilla, due to its freshness and its mineral component.
  3. falanghina-di-agnanum - photo by Alessio PietrobattistaCampi Flegrei Falanghina Vigna Del Pino 2016 by Agnanum: the capitone and the fried cod are two other essential elements of the Neapolitan tables, especially during the Christmas Eve dinner and also on New Year’s Eve. We return to a Falanghina produced on the Astroni crater , on the border that stretches from the metropolitan vineyards towards the Puteolana area. A wine suitable for a dish like fried cod, with a gold color that recalls the breading of cod, fresh and aromatic, which highlights the flavor of the cod and contrasts the fatness of the capitone.
  4. cellars-astroni2012 Strione by Cantine Astroni:  as they say in Naples, the queen of the table at Christmas is the reinforcement salad : cabbage, papaccelle (sweet or spicy peppers), pickled vegetables, olives and so on and so forth, since it is a reinforcement plate, so called not only because it is substantial, but also because during the days following Christmas it is strengthened with the addition of the leftover capitone. For this dish we have once again chosen a Falanghina, earlier than the others indicated, due to its complexity. The savory note contrasts the sweetness of the papaccelle .
  5. piedirosso-contrada-salandraCampi Flegrei Piedirosso 2014 by Contrada Salandra:  let’s move on to Christmas day, where before the tortellini and baked pasta , the married soup is served, a marriage between vegetables and meat. A complex dish due to the variety of vegetables and types of meat. Each family has their own recipe, everyone adds what they like best, even a few pieces of cheese if they want. So we needed a fresh wine, such as Piedirosso di Contrada Salandra, easy to drink, so much so that it is also appreciated during the summer period, and with present but not intrusive tannins.

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