4 cocktails to try for those who love coffee

4 cocktails to try for those who love coffee

Coffee is increasingly used by mixologists to prepare cocktails: this is what Francesco Sanapo, 3 times Italian coffee champion, thinks about it.

Cocktail & coffee : mixology appreciates the world of roasting more and more and the number of correct espresso drinks is constantly increasing. A phenomenon that according to Francesco Sanapo , master of Italian artisan coffee now recognized internationally, is destined to grow, especially abroad. ” Coffee is the second most drunk drink in the world and outside national borders the fashion of espresso is exploding more and more – underlines Sanapo, who in Florence carries on this new vision in the premises of Ditta Artigianale –  It is perceived as a more trendy drink and cool compared to the past “.


Sanapo continues: “Alcoholic blending is an evolution. A drink, coffee, which can be offered not only with various types of milk (soy, almond, rice) but also with different types of spirits for a more international and ultra-modern vision of the Italian tradition “. A pleasant evolution especially at aperitif time. Here are four coffee cocktails to try , four drinks for those who love proper espresso .


  1. espressotonic_cutEspresso tonic –  Ingredients : ice; 1 top of tonic water; a coffee (double espresso); a leaf of mint. Procedure : In a glass, combine the ice, tonic water, a double espresso coffee (once prepared) and add a mint leaf as decoration. An energetic and sparkling espresso tonic will be obtained.
  2. icelatte_lowIce Latte – Ingredients : ice; cold milk; coffee. Procedure : In a glass, combine the ice, cold milk and a shot of espresso (once prepared).
  3. espresso-martini_02_lowEspresso Martini  –  Ingredients : 5 cl Vodka; 1 cl Fra Angelico; a sweetened espresso. Procedure : Pour all the ingredients into the shaker with ice. Shake. Strain into a very cold cocktail glass.
  4. negroni-macchiato_lowNegroni Macchiato –  Ingredients :  3 cl Gin; 3 cl of Campari bitters; 3 cl of red vermouth; 1/2 espresso and a slice of orange. Procedure : add 1/3 (3 cl) of gin; 1/3 (3 cl) of Campari bitters; 1/3 (3 cl) of red vermouth; 1/2 espresso and a slice of orange.

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