Perrier: the famous water creates its energy drink

Perrier: the famous water creates its energy drink

The historic Perrier water has decided to extend the market and focuses on energy drinks: Perrier Energize is the new energy drink.

Synonymous with value and quality, the historic Perrier sparkling mineral water certainly needs no introduction. There is something new: the manufacturing company, which is French but has belonged to Nestlè for almost twenty years, has officially presented its first energy drink . The clear objective is to broaden its range of action, establishing itself in a market segment that has been experiencing constant (and sensational) growth for several years now.

The ingredients

The new drink is called, to be exact, Perrier Energize . It is sold in a 33 cl can, contains mineral water (naturally that of the Vergèze spring), 99 milligrams of vegetable caffeine obtained from organic green coffee , organic yerba mate plant extract , organic cane sugar , citric acid and natural flavors. This mix, the producers assure, gives a boost of energy and also helps keep concentration high. Choose from 3 flavors : grapefruit, pomegranate and mandarin.

How much does it cost

In these days Perrier Energize will be available in the USA; the selling price is $ 1.99 per can (or 1.67 euros) and $ 6.49 (5.44 euros) for a pack of ten cans. It is not yet known when it will arrive in Europe, but it probably won’t be long. And anyway, it will soon be available on Amazon . The same brand recommends not exceeding the amount of Perrier Energize and remember that you should not exceed 400 mg of caffeine per day (considering all the relative food sources). He also notes that this drink is not suitable for children, adolescents, pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding .

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