30 years of Uliassi: the 3-star menu lab in Senigallia

We went to Uliassi to taste his LAB 2020, menu of the 30 years of the great restaurant in Senigallia.

We know almost everything about Mauro Uliassi’s long artistic career in the kitchen : for the chef from Senigallia, who today boasts all three Michelin stars , the kitchen has always been a concrete place of presence, knowledge and involvement. His dishes are a visible talk of his land and of what he observes around, senses, and then transforms it: a spell that goes beyond the imagination, contained in his recipes capable of making the diner experience lucid and unforgettable sensations. And in addition to the kitchen, praise also goes to the dining room, where we find the impeccable Catia Uliassi, the chef’s sister, who with grace and discretion makes sure that everything goes well, passing elegantly between tables with immaculate tablecloths and splendid dishes obtained with the kintsugi technique , while Filippo Uliassi , son of Mauro, explains his father’s dishes clearly and energy.

We tried the Lab 2019 and more, because if you come to Senigallia, even if you are on the sea, something of land and game must arrive at your table. These are the dishes that we want to tell you, even if in this case, as for many great restaurants, words are of little use and the advice is to go and try them as soon as possible .

Oyster and ciauscolo fat

A beautiful symmetry of flavors, textures and shapes. Sea and mountains that remain an inseparable combination for Senigallia and the Marches.

Marinara ossobuco

A dish that comes from a fervent imagination and a very high technical mastery, which involves the ossobuco with cod tripe. A combination that is delicate and profound.

Gobbetti, parsley, chicory and snails

A small jewel where you can find those flavors and that fullness that mind and palate gladly welcome.

Colombaccio alla Marche

Hunting is a great passion of the chef so how can you not be tempted by at least one dish on the menu, which includes royale di mallano, hare artare with sea urchins and juniper oil and other delicacies? We chose the Colombaccio alla Marche where time and memory of the countryside keep the memory and do not disappoint expectations.

Crazy Lamb

Forget the classic cutlets. Here we think with the brain, eye, cheek and tongue. The true and thick taste, which gives surprise and emotion.

At Uliassi, in addition to the extraordinary dishes, there is also solidarity as with the Uliassi menu menu it is possible to support the activities of the Paladini Foundation for the research and treatment of Neuromuscular diseases, by purchasing a bonsai menu with a small contribution. The other side of the soul of a great chef who this year at number 6 of the Banchina di Levante celebrates thirty years of a great journey.

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