3 Magnum to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death

3 Magnum to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death

Magnum Algida celebrates the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death with 3 limited editions related to the Divine Comedy, Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso.

The initiatives to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri are multiplying . And the choir is also joined by Magnum, who announced the MagnumXDante project : three limited editions inspired by the songs of the Divine Comedy, but also some interesting activities.

Magnum Inferno : available from March, and only until April , it is the result of a combination of sweet and salty, red and black. More precisely, the covering is in extra dark chocolate with small pieces of salt , while the heart is made of charcoal ice cream with cream and raspberry variegation . All accompanied by an original reinterpretation of the first canticle: ” Of the salty fondant, sweet love, that pleasure took me so strong that, as you can see, it tastes like raspberry “.

Magnum Purgatorio : May and June will be the months of Magnum Purgatory, the company has not revealed all the details to fuel the suspense but we can guess something from the verses that accompany this version: ” Over white velvet of double caramel chocolate, golden mantle full of biscuit ice cream “. The pieces of biscuit, therefore, become the symbol of the ” middle world, sandy and clouded but revealing “.

Magnum Paradiso : in July and August it will be possible to bite into the version dedicated to Paradiso. In other words, the rise, the white, the light. Also in this case the path of strategic silence was chosen, however the introduction rhymes represent a rather clear anticipation: “ Of pink cocoa with rebellious desire, white and pistachio my longing. Taste that moves the sun and the other stars “.

The activities

“ Remembering the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death – said Giorgio Nicolai marketing director Algida Italia – Magnum wants to celebrate the highest expression of Italian literature, the Divine Comedy, with a pleasure trip through the three worlds. Our interpretation takes place through three new seasons of our iconic Magnum and with an intense program of activities in support of art, which we hope to be able to enjoy soon “. More precisely, it will be Dante Live’s Week, during which Dante’s verses will come to life thanks to young students from theater schools. The selection of the passages of the Divine Comedy will take place in collaboration with the Dante Alighieri Society.

The commercials

The new limited edition dedicated to the Supreme Poet will also be presented through 3 commercials, one for each version. They were all shot in Rome, in some exceptional locations . Directed by Enea Colombi: ” We have reinterpreted in a modern and futuristic key – he revealed – the settings that distinguish one of the cornerstones of Italian literary culture, creating small stories that combine tradition and innovation to provide a 100% Made in Italy product ” . The protagonist is the young and ethereal model Marica Ranno.

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