24 little secrets of Davide Oldani

24 little secrets of Davide Oldani

24 quick and direct questions to find out more about the chef of the D’O restaurant in San Pietro All’olmo, Davide Oldani.

Let’s start with the color: when asked what is your favorite color, be sure that 80 percent of males would answer blue (and its variants). Here, Davide Oldani chooses another one. Indeed it goes to periods: now it is that of the turtledove.24 quick and direct questions to find out more about chef davide oldaniThe news about the chef of D’O in San Pietro All’olmo (MI) is that he is about to become a father (best wishes!), But also that another book is about to come out and that he is increasingly busy. Difficult to take him off guard: Oldani’s thoughtfulness hits. It is not exactly what is called a river in flood, but it intrigues for its systematic thinking that denotes knowledge of the means of communication and the consequences that hasty declarations can cause. Which lasts the life of the cross-media chef, I think by putting order in the notes. After Carlo Cracco and Joe Bastianich, here’s what chef Oldani told us.

Davide Oldani’s answers to our questionnaire


The main trait of my character
” Balance “

The favorite ingredient
” The good one “

The quality I want in an
” Honesty ” man

What I would never eat
” Insects “

My favorite quality in a woman
“ Provocative question, I don’t answer. Anyway, I’d be so displeased with someone “

What I appreciate most in my friends
” The sacrifice that must be made to keep friendships alive “

The wine of the heart
” Cabochon “

My main flaw
” Spending little time “

My favorite occupation
” I would say sports straight away, but I love being busy with my job “

A dish not mine that I wanted to create
” Open Raviolo “

My dream of happiness
” Be physically well and enjoy my baby on the way “

My favorite color
” Ora il tortora “

My favorite idols
” Salvador Dalì, Ligabue, Roberto Baggio “

My heroes in real life
“ At the moment I don’t have great examples in front of my eyes… write Pope Francis: I like him for his effectiveness, his communication is perfect. I really like him as a man, regardless of being a man of faith “

The person I thank God for not being
” Anyone who has done bad things “

The whim that I have not taken off
“ Slowly I try to satisfy them all. I think doing things I’ve done again, like going back to London, Paris, Tokyo “

The most beautiful and the ugliest thing about my profession
“ Everything about my profession is beautiful; I tolerate it less when I arrive exhausted and see everything black “

What would be the greatest misfortune for me
” Not being able to fully enjoy my life “

The country where I would like to live
“ Italy. We are the navel of the world “

What I hate most of all
” People without ethics, without education and superficiality “

The gift of nature that I would like to have
” The physique of my 20 years when I played soccer in C2, but at 47 I can’t complain “

How I would like to die
” Without realizing it “

Current state of my soul
” Happy “

My motto
” Do to others what you would like them to do to you “

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