18 winter cocktails perfect for the evening at home

18 winter cocktails perfect for the evening at home

If the bars are closed, the alternative is to prepare cocktails at home: to warm up and cheer up, we suggest 18 excellent winter cocktails.

A hot drink is always good for us in winter, if it is alcoholic then even more so. There is a wide choice of hot drinks to sip in the evening on the sofa or as soon as you return home after a day in the cold. The common thread in these winter cocktails is the presence of citrus and spices. Some hot drinks have made history and are known all over the world, others are characteristic of certain holidays or are widespread only in certain geographical areas. The constant is their use during the coldest months of the year: the most valid solution to keep warm.


  1. Eggnog . Remember a revised and above all correct zabaglione. Eggnog is a drink made with milk, egg yolk, sugar, sometimes with the addition of brandy, whiskey or rum. It is thought to have originated in London in the 1700s and over time spread to the English colonies. Very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries for Advent and Christmas holidays. To be served with shortbreads . 
  2. Grog . A hot drink with a prestigious history, mentioned in books and songs: it is Grog, a hot drink based on orange peel, cinnamon, star anise or cloves, mace, rum. It is usually served in the tankard , popular as early as 1700 in the Royal Navy and is mentioned in Moby Dick, Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Harry Potter and Vinicio Capossela’s songs.
  3. White Russian , the king of winter cocktails. White Russian is prepared with vodka, coffee liqueur (Borghetti or Kalhua), cream and is served in an old fashioned with ice. Its creaminess makes it perfect for the winter season. He also appears in the movie The Big Lebowski .
  4. Bombardino . The hot drink par excellence for skiers. In fact he was born in Mottolino, a hut near Livigno in the snow-capped mountains. The original recipe wants it to be prepared with cream, eggnog, brandy and coffee. There are some variants that respond to the name of Calimero (with eggnog and coffee), Pirata (with rum), Scottish (with whiskey).
  5. Irish Coffee . This Irish coffee, which despite its name is considered a cocktail, was served in the bars of the port to those who were about to face long journeys by ship. Its composition is based on hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and cold milk cream, but some add semi-whipped cream, making it perfect for giving some warmth even on the coldest evenings.
  6. Momo . Chinese mandarin, raspberry, lime zest, mandarin orange, brown sugar, cardamom and boiling water. A hot drink to be enjoyed in the tankard , with a not too high alcohol content. The aromas of fruit and the scent of cardamom stand out for a drink with a slightly retro taste.
  7. Mulled wine . Raise your hand if, at least once in winter, you have not allowed yourself a glass of mulled wine in the middle of a Christmas fair. Typical market drink, it can be prepared at home very easily. It is made with a glass of red wine, untreated oranges and lemons and a mix of spices. Anyone who wants can also add red fruits, honey, star anise, cardamom, ginger and nutmeg. The Glogg is the Swedish version: shelled almonds and raisins are added.
  8. Hot Toddy . Simple to prepare and to say the least effective for fighting the cold. A Hot Toddy is made from Scotch or Irish whiskey according to preferences to which are added hot water, lemon, honey or sugar and a handful of spices. There are variants with rum, bourbon, brandy or mezcal.
  9. Mudslide . One third of vodka, one third of coffee liqueur and one third of whiskey cream and the hot drink is done. It is called Mudslide for the thick and creamy consistency of the drink. Some love it with nothing short of calorie toppings like whipped cream, powdered chocolate, or coffee beans. Others prefer to shake the ingredients and served in the low tumbler with ice.
  10. Apple cider . Not to be confused with traditional cider, the Apple Cider is the hot drink for winter holidays: from Halloween to Thanksgiving, from Christmas to New Year. Excellent if prepared with apples of the Granny Smith and Honeycrisp variants, adding cinnamon also in sticks, sugar and oranges. Everything goes to cook for many hours.
  11. Hot buttered rum . For rum lovers, the combination with butter may seem almost an insult, but this drink has many admirers. Simple preparation: put the liquid honey in a glass that you have previously heated and add rum, nutmeg, boiling water and finally the butter and stir until everything melts. To be served with cinnamon stick and lemon slice where you have inserted the cloves.
  12. Grasshopper . Grasshopper is one of the Iba cocktails. Based on spearmint cream, usually from Corsica, to which white cocoa cream is added: a velvety and consistent alcoholic cream, with a milk chocolate flavor where hints of vanilla and apricot stand out.
  13. Espresso Martini . Vodka, coffee liqueur, sugar syrup and espresso: it is the Espresso Martini which owes its name to the characteristic glass in which it is served. A perfect drink for after dinner where the bitterness of the coffee gives flavor, while the vodka gives texture to the drink. It would have been invented in London in the late 1980s: at the beginning it was called Vodka Espresso.
  14. Amaretto Sour . The secret to a good cocktail is the aromatic flavor of almonds and a sweetness that must never become cloying. The Amaretto (from Saronno) Sour cocktail is too often underestimated but if made with quality ingredients it gives great satisfaction. It is prepared with a third of amaretto liqueur, a third of Bourbon whiskey and a third of lemon juice, with sugar syrup, 4 tablespoons of albumen and orange peel.
  15. Snowball . It’s called Snowball because it recalls the delicacy of a snowball: it’s the classic Christmas cocktail that goes well all winter. It is made with Advocaat, a blend based on egg yolks, sugar, brandy and vanilla, available at the supermarket but easy to prepare at home too. Then add cold lemonade, lime juice, ice and a maraschino cherry for garnish.
  16. Ponce . A hot drink in Tuscany: Ponce is so charged to the Leghorns and beyond. One of the many reinterpretations of punch. Ristretto coffee is used instead of tea with added sugar and lemon zest. To make the difference then the Rum Fantasia, also called Rumme , based on alcohol, dark caramel and sugar. To be served in the characteristic thick-bottomed glass.
  17. Alexander . Among the drinks capable of warming hearts and souls, with a creamy and delicate flavor, there is certainly Alexander. Its fame starts from the early 1900s but over time a series of variable ingredients have also been added here according to tastes: Gin, Rye Whiskey and Cognac that have been mixed on fixed ingredients, that is the cocoa cream and the milk cream. There is also another variant with rum, but with a different name: Panamà Cocktail.
  18. Punch . Punch has very ancient origins, dates back to the seventeenth century, and was created to give comfort to travelers, especially English sailors during ocean crossings. In the beginning, the recipe included five ingredients: alcohol (brandy, rum, wine), citrus fruits, water, sugar and spices in addition to tea. Today there are many variations, including non-alcoholic ones, the most famous being the mandarin or orange punch, perfect in winter.

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