150 million liters of wine will become a disinfectant gel

150 million liters of wine will become a disinfectant gel

The wine sector has suffered very serious losses due to the Coronavirus: from the Ministry the decree to use the unsold one in sanitizer.

The Coronavirus emergency and the consequent lockdown have heavily affected the economy, this is now clear. Among the most damaged sectors is the wine sector : it is true that many citizens bought more bottles than usual during the quarantine,The wine supply chain was among those most damaged by the lockdown and there is an attempt to intervenebut this was certainly not enough to compensate for the large losses associated with the closure of restaurants, pubs and bars. Almost 4 out of 10 wineries are facing a sharp decline in activity and a worrying lack of liquidity; this means that the entire sector, which employs more than one million people from vine to glass, is at risk. In order to revive the fortunes, the Ministry of Agriculture has published the application decree attributable to the so-called crisis distillation ; a measure financed by the European Union which also aims to free up space in the cellars in view of the next harvest and to remedy the insufficient quantity of Italian alcohol.

The wine becomes a disinfectant gel or bioethanol

The announcement came from Coldiretti : by virtue of the crisis distillation, 150 million liters of Italian wine will be transformed into disinfectant gel or bioethanol . As far as our country is concerned, the conversion will only concern common wines with a minimum alcohol content of 10 ° ; in France, on the other hand, it will be possible to transform even those with a designation of origin (including, therefore, champagne). ” We support the sector – declared the Undersecretary for Agricultural Policies Giuseppe L’Abbate – and, at the same time, we make alcohol available to be used for industrial purposes, therefore also for the production of disinfectants “.

What do the producers think?

The crisis distillation will be financed with 50 million euros . Wine producers will receive from Agea – Agency for disbursements in agriculture – 2.75 euros per% Vol / hl alcohol and will be able to stipulate a maximum of 2 contracts for the volumes of common wine stored in their cellars. It deals withThe suggested prices could harm wines without appellationundoubtedly a breath of fresh air, but many are far from satisfied . Because? Well, the aid of 0.275 euros per liter is considered too low compared to current market values. This means two things: on the one hand that the wine industry would have liked to receive higher amounts, on the other hand that the aforementioned listing could cause the market for wines without designation of origin to lose value. Competitor countries will certainly grant higher sums: Spain 0.3 euro per liter and France 0.58 euro / liter.

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